beer Rocketmans Flaming Pumpkin Colonial Brew

So I have been waiting to try more of Rocketmans beer. Last one I had was at Frydads house with Sum and Scoville, and it was delicious, more of a brown ale than a stout, but delicious nonetheless

He did ask me for some help for this recipe, but I give him full credit for this, as this was his concoction and his ideas, and it worked really well

He sent me a whole slew of good stuff, Haba-Peno powder which I am really really looking forward to as that is one of my favorite sauces ever, some Smoked Haba-Peno sauce, some Pumpkin Sauce which i had which is amazing, and a 9 pepper sauce thats super delicious

I will review the sauces when I get a chance, because hell, we are all here for the beer right?

Appearance - Cloudy, rusty brown, almost the color of when you run water through pipes that havent had fluid in them for a year, but in a good way. Head dissipated quite quickly with little to no lacing, but hey, its a homebrew, cant be perfect

Nose - Full aromatics of spices, lots of clove, some nutmeg, some cinnamon, but my favorite was the subtle hints of maple syrup and brown sugar. No fusel alcohols whatsoever for coming in at 7.5% ABV

Mouthfeel - Thinner than I was assuming by the color and the texture from when I poured it into a tulip glass, but knowing what he did with it in the secondary fermenter, I should have expected it. It is not a bad thing at all, it worked really nice. More of a light body/medium body beer. Carbonation was spot on, from my estimates around a 2.4 vol of dissolved CO2.

Taste - Spices up front, just like a pumpkin pie, but not overbearing. Nice caramel hints, it reminded me of a cinnamon raisin cookie. Bready but not toasty, rich but dry. Finished with that maple syrup again, but loads of actual pumpkin. Slight vanilla and almost a touch of cream.

Overall - I had to call him on the phone tonight and tell him what I thought. Now I have had A LOT of beers in my life, and a lot of pumpkin beers on top of that, and I must say, this was one of the best pumpkin and holiday beers I have ever had. Working at Southern Tier and making Pumpking, and even making my own pumpkin beer at the brewery, I would put this ahead of both, and lets remember, he did this in his house, on the stove.

Major props to this beer, and I am not just saying that because I like his sauces, but once I tasted it, I had a couple other people at work try it as well, and they all agreed.

Out of the 50 or so pumpkin beers ive ever had, this was the best pumpkin beer I have ever had in my life, homebrew or commercial. Congrats to Bill, this was a serious treat.

I will review the sauces and the powder when I get a chance.
Wheebz, thank you! With out your mentoring, guidance and suggestions I would not be the Amateur Brewer that I am. What's really nice is that you like to think outside the box and into the extreme too.
Oh man! That was a good beer we shared at FDs house. After your review here, I am really looking forward to trying this Pumpkin Beer.
We will be spending Thanksgiving with SalsaFamily, so we'll share it then, and the sauces.
Should it be served cold? or room temperature? I have it in the fridge right now.

You're the MAN!!!

Thank you very much sir!

I'll let the Beer Master give the correct answer. I had mine in the fridge and served cold however after living in Germany 3 years there are beers that i have learned to enjoy closer to something like a Celler temp than at a fridge temp so, wheebz, where what temp should a Pumpkin Ale be served at?

Edit, you'll want to let it sit for a bit too. It is a bottle conditioned beer which means there is yeast in there that will settle and youll get a clearer beer. Try and keep it steady and not bounce it around as you drive to the Salsa house.
I can only speak on personal preference, and not what is techinically the correct answer, but with pumpkin beers and many other craft ales there is no comparison to drinking them a little less than room temp, such as cellering temps rather than fridge temps. The spices and flavor really come through. I feel like when they are drank too cold, those flavors are dulled quite a bit.
This is an old topic but I was loving the pumpkin beers again this year and think I may want to try and brew one.

Rocketman do you have any tips on the basis of your delicious brew? Not trying to steal trade secrets with a full recipe haha!
Man, was just out for a cruise of THP and noticed that I hadn't noticed this. So,
First use good pumpkin pie making pumpkins, the smaller ones. They're a little sweeter and have a better flavor to me. Second, and wheebz suggested this, after you cut them in half and remove the pumpkin guts, put them in the oven at about 250 for 30 minutes or so so they caramelize a bit. Add the pumpkin about 10 minutes from flame out and leave it in through the primary fermentation. You'll be set with some great pumpkin flavor in there.
When your ready to enjoy, drink it chilled but not cold. What we were calling "Cellar" temperature. Too cold and you loose a lot of the great flavor in there.
wheebz, we had our annual Welcome Christmas party on Black Friday. It's an all day thing where we do baking and crafts with the kids during the day. Lots of parents like to drop off their kids and go do some Black Friday shopping then the real "Party" gets started around 4:00. The 5 gallon Keg I had was drained and dry in less than 2 hours. Next year I'm going to have to make 10 I guess and if I do that I'm going AG on it. 
Yep, it was really good. Going to make 10 gallons this year. I've been asked to bring it to our annual men's Christmas celebration.