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Rocotos/Manzanos - need recommendations

I've decided to try out Rocotos for the first time, and could use some advice. I've read a lot online, but I struggle to decide which I want. There's a lot of info on the web, but I can't find quite the thing I'm looking for. Does anyone know of a good Rocoto resource online? (Some sort of overview with the following info: Size of plant, size of fruit, pictures, and, most importantly: SHU).

Which would you recommend? I'm going to try at least 2 different Pubescenses, maximum 4. I would like 1 of these to be the mildest Rocoto there is (which is one of the things I need the list for). Also I would like one of those that look very apple-y (round, red, and with the "dimple" at the bottom) - are there any of these that aren't insanely hot?
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please add SHU to your suggestions:)
(Here's a link to a seed shop that has several Rocotos and good pictures, if anyone's interested: https://www.semillas.de/cgi-bin/shop_en/shop.cgi
They lack the Scoville rating (only says "Very hot", "Hotter than the other" etc), and though the pictures are really, really good (flowers, pods etc), there's no size mentioned, exept for the Mini Rocoto Brown - and that one's too small, I think.)
Im not positive but i think the common orange/yellow Manzano Chile from Mexico will be one of the milder varieties. They appear to be listed under 30K shu.
I think that Desert Red Apple jawn on the Pepper Lover site is pretty much exactly what you´re looking for in ¨one of those that look very apple-y (round, red, and with the "dimple" at the bottom¨....)
I want to grow Pubes, too, but i´m still too frightened to try it.... for now, i am content to just eat locally purchased Manzanos, and dream about trying it one day....
Red manzanos are absolute beauties. rather large firm and juicy. Avoiding the placenta the mesocarp is sweet juicy and meaty with a heat around the jalapeno. Get into the placenta and the heat kicks in to the habanero range. I have found that although the SHU of annuums are much lower then chinense, they are formable in their own.