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Royce_SA Glog 2020/21

Hi THP members 
So this will be my new season glog, last season i kinda never completed my glog as i got too busy with work and peppers and didnt find enough time to post updates so i will do my best to keep adding my progress here.
My 2020/21 season pepper list is as follows

 pot Chaguanas yellow
1. 7 pot red
2. 7 pot yellow
3. 7 pot douglah
4. 7 pot evergreen
5. 7 pot barrackpore 
6. 7 pot Barrackpore chocolate
7. 7 pot bubblegum Jobito chocolate
8. 7 pot primo chocolate
9. 7 pot primo red
10. 7 JPN Dark
11. Aji Cristal
12. Aji criolla sella
13. Aji fantasy
14. Aji cream fantasy
15. Aji White fantasy
16. Aji cito
17. Andy's unreaper
18. Apocalypse scorpion chocolate
19. Baby belle pimento
20. Barra do ribeiro
21. Bbg apocalypse*
22. Bbg lemon puma*
23. Bbg7 chocolate**
24. Bbg7 pot pink *
25. Bbg7 dream
26. Big mustard mama
27. Blondie
28. Brainstrain yellow 
29. Brainstrain chocolate
30. Bhutlah brown
31. Bhut jolokia chocolate
32. Shishito black - annuum
33. Brazilian starfish
34. Chocolate reaper
35. Chocolate Moruga
36. Chocolate Scotch Bonnet 
37. Yellow Reaper
38. Chiltepin - annuum
39. El oro do Ecuador
40. Fatalii 
41. Fatalii chocolate
42. Goronong
43. Ghostly jalapeno
44. Fish pepper- annuum 
45. Hallows eve (Tony)
46. Hallows eve (Joker)
47. Jay's peach ghost scorpion - Alex
48. Jay's peach ghost scorpion - TE
49. Kathumby black
50. Ks white thai- annuum
51. Nagabrains chocolate
52. Naga Gnarly
53. Mamp purple Berrygum*
54. Mamp black Berrygum*
55. Maldivian heart x purple bhut
56. Jes moranga purple/red 
57. Jes morangum red XL
58. Pimenta de neyde
59. Pimenta barra do ribeiro
60. Purple Jalapeno - annuum
61. Purple bhut jolokia
62. Kraken scorpion peach
63. Pepper xxx 
64. Reaper x Butch T
65. Rocoto mini orange
66. Rocoto mini red
67. Scotch bonnet Freeport orange
68. Sepia serpent
69. Sugar rush red
70. Sugar rush peach
71. Scotch brains
72. Scotch brains red F1  WHP
73. Thai orange - annuum
74. WHP 036
75. White bhut jolokia
76. Yellow Butch T
77. Habanero de arbol - annuum
78. Royal black - annuum
79. Chi chien - annuum 
80. Blue Christmas - annuum
81. Black scorpion tongue - annuum
82. Fatalii gourmet jigsaw
83. Dalle Khursani
84. 7 pot chaguanas yellow
85. Chocolate caramel jolokia
86. Peach bhut
87. Komodo dragon
88. Black panther 
89. Testanera chocolate tail 
90. Testanera red tail
91. B9BPO
92. Midnight  sting F1 x 3
93. Neyde orange 
94. Kathumby black x Chupetinho white
95. Peach ghost jami 
96. Bbg7 peach ghost  jami smooth 
97. Nebulosa F1 **
98. Chocolate reaper x apocalypse scorpion chocolate F1 **
99. Aji Challuaruro 
100. Black panther black/red
101. Pimenta Jolokia Ice
102. Mojo pumpkin tail
103. Pink tiger x moruga yellow
104. Zimbabwe Black - annuum
105. Charapita yellow
106. Black thai cross - annuum
107. Bahamian goat (Tony)
108. Chocolate Caramel Jolokia
109. Skunk chocolate (Gianpaolo)
110. Scarlet lantern peru
111. Cheiro Roxa
112. Elysium oxide scotch bonnet
113. Bhut Jolokia purple/peach
114. Tepin x lemon drop
115. Ethiopian tree pepper
116. Dulce Sol
117. Wartryx
118. Pink tiger
119. Pink tiger x peach bhut
120. Umorok Chocolate
121. Nagatop yellow
122. Red savina
I will be doing a mixture of kratky, grow bags, double buckets and raised beds.
pictures to come soon.






Extreme Member
Tybo said:
Wow.  Now that's a grow list!
If I planted that many I know I couldn't keep up a glog.  Not doing a great job keeping up with my current one! :rolleyes:
Yeah, I was wondering when I was going to arrive at the bottom :D
Royce, in what type of climate are you growing those peppers?

7JPN Dark


Baccatum Pea

BBG7 Jami Smooth 

Butch T Yellow

Cheiro Roxa

Jes's Moranga Purple/Red

Maldivian Heart x Purple Bhut (green leaf)

Mamp Black Berrygum

Mamp Purple Berrygum

Neyde Orange
View attachment 94066
Peach Ghost Jami
View attachment 94067
Pink Tiger x Peach Bhut
View attachment 94068
Sepia Serpent
View attachment 94069
Sugar Rush Peach
View attachment 94070 View attachment 94069
Tepin x Lemon Drop
So its been a while since i posted last, the season gets ahead of me sometimes. as promised some pictures for my glog.


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Tybo said:
Nice pics.  According to the original list we still have a LOT more pics to see. :party:
+1, Ty!
Your list is most impressive, Royce.
And your pods look great. You are
having a good season!