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My buddy asked me for seeds a couple weeks ago. I told him its to late in the season, but b sent him the seeds anyway. This will be his first time growing peppers and he is going with a small hydroponic kit he bought.
Well, because he started this late, I thought what the hell. Sooo I ordered a new heat matt (should arrive today) and went out and bought some soil. Im using the same solo cup method that has worked so well before. Two cups, top cup has holes, water from the bottom up.
I sowed (three seeds per cup) 1) REAPER 2) YELLOW NAGA REAPER 3) FATALI 4) TEPIN X LEMONDROP


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Update on my foot. Dr says we are just gonna wait for nature to take its course. He says the shattered pieces are to small to pin. He claims it will fuse on its own and says we may need to go in and remove a couple small slivers in the future, but all will be fine for now. He gave me a little walking boot and told me to return in October.
Meet Boo, he is a $3.50 ghost pepper plant. I got anxious. He now lives next to he shed in the back yard. Note the larger storage container. I filled it with water and watered the transplanted BOO (in his new home) from the bottom. This allows for perfect water coverage.


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HE said his name was BOO SCARY because he is a ghost pepper and his grandad was CASPER. The poor guy had reached maturity in a 4" pot and already had two very large peppers on vine. When I cut away his container I saw that he was. Almost root bound. After putting g him in his new home he said "WOW, that feels like a new pair of fuzzy Christmas slippers". I think we are gonna get along just fine.
Day 12 and all I see is a few cups full of soggy dirt. My heart aches for the love of seedlings. Melancholy memories of days gone by with shelvesfull of vegetative joy.
But on the brighter side, BOO seems to be taking well to his new home and is showing off his two large peppers to anyone within ten feet of him. GOOD BOY BOO !


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Gave BOO a good root soak just now. He thought I was taking him swimming and asked if he could wear his Speedo. I didn't think the world was ready for that yet.
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July 29, 2022
I just added an additional cup to the seed tray. These are store bought Craigs Grande Jalapeno seeds. I bought this packet back in 2018 I think. Lets see if i can have any luck with them. The other seeds are still procrastinating in their mud baths. GOD I HATE TO WAIT
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Ive been told that if I plant a hand full of Cherrios, that it will grow into a dozen donuts. Any truth to this? I tried planting bottle caps once, but never grew beer. CONFUSSED
Boo is looking awsome! I just gave him another deep soak ( watering from below), but this was LOADED with his first dose of 10-10-10. In the past this liquid fert was my secret weapon. I took a nursery ghost to 7 feet one year.
I have reconnected with a few old buddies here on THP and a couple have agreed to send me a few seeds. THANK YOU JESUS I truely fear that the stash of seeds that I have are to old for use. I do want my buddy , that requested some of my seeds, to succeed.