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I wanted to just kerp adding onto my 2016 glog,but thought it was best to follow the rules.

This year I'm trying something a bit different. I'm overwintering everything. That's right, no new seeds this year. I now have a tiny greenhouse. In this greenhouse are what I hope will be viable plants for 2017. I have two bells that will be heading into their third season, a couple aji pineapples going for a third sesson, a tepin X lemondrop going for a third season. A reaper, a brown moruga, a peach but, and a couple others. I also have, under the awening and looking good, my two ghosts (in huge pots).

I have found that I do much better with growing in big buckets.

This year the in-ground plot will be for tomatoes and other vegies.

This will give you an idea of the greenhouse space. This pic is from last year:

Here are my ghosts pictured last year:
Looking good up there.Hopefully the rain hasn't caused any flooding around your greenhouse.Nice looking plants.
Made a really great chili today. From memory here is what I did:


Two large white onions

Whole bulb of garlic

Three anaheim peppers

Three pasilla peppers

Five big jalapeno peppers

Three tablespoons habenero powder

two tablespoons superhot flakes (mix)

One tablespoon smoked paprika

One tablespoon cumin

Two packages of Lowrys chili mix

Two cans chipotle peppers in adobo sauce

One can mexican spiced tomato sauce

One huge can of whole tomatos (coffee can size)

One huge can of pinto beans ( coffee can size )

About a lb of 80/20 ground beef

About two lbs of pre-seasoned pork cubes (package said great for tacos)

Tablespoon fresh cracked black pepper

Prep onions, fresh peppers, and garlic

Place in oven at 400° to char a bit

Brown meat and add spices, chipotle in adobo sauce, and tomato sauce.

Pour beans and tomatos in a large stockpot
Add meat mixture

Take chared goodies out of oven and roughly chop

Stir your witches brew and

Be pepared to fill a couple crockpots


It fills one regular and one four quart

Cook on high for an hour, then low and slow all day.

Mine went about six hours on low, but gonna go all night as well.
Hey Ryme, thanks for reminding me. It's damn near Pork Green Chili Day!
Keep yer powder dry, It can't rain forever....right?
I took everthing out of the greenhouse today. Not really sure how well everything is gonna do. The weather is set for warmer days and frost is very unlikely. I do have some new growth on my third year Tepin X lemondrop . The two BIG ghost plants still have a bit of green in the very base of the trunck (fingers crossed). My two bells seem ok. My two bishops crowns are very green stocked. My best guess is maybe 1/4 of my crop has servived to live another year. I did give everthing a drink with liquid 10-10-10 in hopes of giving them a wake-up call. We will see I supose.
Alright! Outside time for you is, uh...Lemme see, six times 3, carry the tune, do the hokey pokey and guess....Eleven weeks away for me!!
...but it's a good sign! :party:


Busy morning! My wife, son, and I had a nice breakfast out then went shopping at the nursery. My son wanted to plant flowers out front and I needed vegetables to plant. We had plans to shop, turn the soil, and plant everything today. Yea right :( We did get the front done and turned about half of my larger garden plot, but we need to finish maybe next week. WHEW

I bought:

Four tomato plants

Four cucumber plants

A six pack of scallions

A ghost

A scorpion

A reaper

Two habs

And a scotch bonnet

Really looking forward to planting, but Whew already pooped.

Oh and I mowed the lawn.

Not as young, and in shape, as I used to be.