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S.I.P./Quarantine Cooking

Well, we are all in a mess, so lets have some fun and learn a few things along the way!  First and foremost might be that...you can make a burrito at home!!!  That's a bit facetious talking to this crowd here on THP, who have some of the maddest cooking skills on the interwhebz. 
SO, lets post what we are cooking at home, what is made from the pantry, what was out of but substituted, all basic cooking skills.....
I'll get it started!
A couple days ago, talking with my son who is now 21 and living on his own for the last 2 years, he said..."I gotta go, Mom, the roasted chicken is done.  We're gonna eat dinner now."  :sniff:  AWW!!!!  I'm a happy mom.....
 Here's what we did for family entertainment last weekend.  We rented Milo and Otis...for the DOG to watch!!!


what's in the meat drawer- pork chops
Pantry- wild rice (doctored up majorly!)
Breading with pantry crackers
tomatoes (cuz that was the best FRESH veg I could come up with.)

I didn't have Panko, so I blitzed some Mary's pepper crackers in the food processor with some flour,  added some spices and pepper powders, dredged the chops in seasoned egg/milk wash and then cracker crumbs.  Pan Fry in cast iron skillet with a bit of oil until golden brown and done.


Rice- Saute rice mix in some butter (ala Rice-A-Roni) until toasty nutty done.  Add water and chicken base/boullion, cook until done.  Key notes!  Use broth as the cooking liquid and saute the rice mix before with butter!  There are lots of quinoa, rice mixes....just don't cook with plain water.  Saute in olive oil/butter or not,  or not, but definitely use seasoning in the water. 

Looks kind of blah, but was really yummy!

next up... Pork, shrimp, LO wild rice-vs-white rice, beans........and andoulle...
share what you got cooking.  Might make this into a competition of who had the best cooking Hack, or best out of nothing dish, to be awarded when all of this shite is over.
and my husband has developed a strange affinity for watching musicals.
Paint Your Wagon
Dirty Dancing (OK...that one's mine... :lol:)
I'm queuing up
Pirates of Penzance,
South Pacific...
and Floyd's final episodes.....


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This evenings dinner- WELSH PASTIES
Basically... a meat pie...sausage pocket... whatever....
Super Simple, the LO sausage mix from yesterday's dumplings, potato, and pie crust

Cook the sausage, veg and spice mix with 1/2 of a large potato, finely diced

Now the next part was the most difficult for me.  First,mix 1 cup COLD diced butter with 2 1/2c flour a a tsp salt in a food processor until small crumbles.
Next- drizzle in 6 Tbsp Ice water into the FP while pulsing.  Not so difficult, right?  Except my Cuisinart is circa-1985 and has a plastic piece missing, so you have to hold down the lid to engage the safety so the On/Pulse Switch works.  Except, if one hand is holding down the top and the other is pushing the switch, who's drizzling in the ice water???  I managed to do some kind of hand-Twister grip to push down on the lid to engage the switch, while holding sideways the cup with the ice water and trying not to splash too much water in... needless to say, there were No Pics of that! 
Add just enough water for the crumbles to set together when pressed.

Dump out the crust dough and lightly press together, divide into 2, and the one piece into 2 again. 
This recipe is enough for 2 2-crust pies.  I have a corned beef in the brine to be cooking in a couple days, so I went with the double recipe using 1/2 half today and 1/2 half later.

Roll out and plop 1/2 of the cooked mixture in.  Fold over, trim the edges and crimp.  Egg wash when ready to cook, bake 350F for 40 minutes.



Serve with whatever savory sauc or hot sauce you may have hanging about.  This one was some Texas Creek Spicy Steak Sauce.


Right now, Honey and Joe are watching Welsh Herding Dog Field Trials 2016..........


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Guatemalan Insanity Pepper said:

LO pulled pork
Corn tillahs
Taco assembly
last jar of homemade salsa from the pantry opened up, also last red Onion
other half the avocado from this afternoon, and some cotija cheese
nom nom nom
LO pork, last jar of salsa, other half of the avocado....Stay strong My Friend! And with grub like that, to borrow a phrase from TB, I like to be liking that!
I ain't so fancy.
Broke out.
Some HEB jalapeno scheeze kolaches.
I must say.
I think that ketchup on a hotdog.
Is an abomination.
Then again.
I have Whataburger Fancy Ketchup.
Its sexy ketchup.


I've got heaps of coronavirus food backup.
I don't need to cook nuthin'.

Don't even get me started on SPAM.
Canned beans.
Dried pasta and rice.
Pilot Bread.
Ramen noodles.
Toilet paper?
Who needs that?
I'll wipe my butt with my neighbors cat.


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Kolaches....dont know what that is, but I do recognize pigs in a blanket when I see 'em! And with that Whataburger cazzup, yer set.


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Aw, thanks TB. We were hoping to be mosying down that area this spring....maybe next year...


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Wow, nice racks, Bob! Worthy of the white box and pile of parsley. Wish I could to that. We can make some descent ribs, but cant quite get it to competition level like yours look.
In keeping with the spirit of "Phark the public" I had to make Nuders tonight for scegetti. I slacked and should of took a pic of the meat, it was as red as any you've ever seen. My Sis works as a billing agent for a big doctors office and they're always bringing in game and fish from the many trips they take, tonight was a treat. It's processed by one of the better places in town and seasoned perfect with plenty of garlic.


I didn't have noodles so I busted out old faithful.


Fresh pasta is the real deal compared to store bought, this came out amazing. I added shredded Parm and candied Jalos, it added a good sweetness to the dish, it might be the best thing never invented!!!

I can't give a good review, all the meat is mixed and seasoned good. There's no wild game taste at all to me. I'll know more once it sits but I cooked some sausage and leftovers didn't has a wild game taste either. If I had to give a taste it would be more like buffalo than whitetail.
Edited: Of course the taste depends on what they eat and I don't know where this came from. I know I prefer the deer from North Carolina than here in La. They ate peanuts in NC and tasted better to me.


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Thanks for posting, portveyn.   I'm honestly not sure if that is an actual meal.....:::::
But at the least, it is a damn good inspiration!\
Last night was standard pasta-redsauce-burger.....No Pics, not worthy of it~~~~~
A bit of LO Hanks smoked bacon chunk.
Onion, carrot, garlic, mujshrooms, CABBAGE!!!!
Saute the bacon chunks until happy and then with the carrots, onion, garlic and mushrooms, until Happy. 
Toss ins shredded cabbage, black pepper, yellow pepper blend,
Cook just enough to cook the cabbage in a light saute.  Yummy Saute!  ENJOY!