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health SACRAMENTO plants outside


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Hello everyone,

Our weather has been really wonky this winter. Can anyone tell me when I SHOULD transplant my seedlings (currently inside under lights) and place them in 5gl buckets outside. Ive tried to check farmers almanac, but our winter this year contradicts their predictions. IM SUPER ANTSY and want to get going on a fruitful year. I know im a bit early, BUT WHEN?



I'm in So Cal, yea it's been one crazy year. With all the rain and colder than norm Temps across the state I'd wait a little for things to settle down because all the rain. Usually mine are out last week but it's a little warmer down here.im keeping mine indoors another week or 2 if these weekly 3 day atmospheric rivers don't die down.
I live about an hour from SAC. Last year I put mine out too early and caused them to have a late start (too cold in the eve/morn). This year I'm going to wait till the mornings are in the high 50s low 60s before I bring them outdoors. Maybe another 2 weeks or more.