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disease "Salted" leaves

I'm growing guntur chilis in an outdoor pot and they're doing well, but two months ago, one of the plants developed granular white bumps that look and feel very much like salt on its lower leaves. It still seems healthy, but recently the "salt" spread to its nearest neighbor, so I'm worried now it's a fungus rather than a reaction to something out of whack with the soil, like I'd first assumed (I'm new to gardening). The bumps are only on the top sides of the leaves.

It looks nothing like the pictures of powdery mildew I've seen, but Google isn't turning up much else for white growths on leaves. Anyone know what's going on? I'm in New Jersey, if that matters. Thanks!



It looks like it could be edema from watering too much.

What helps is watering less frequently. What's already on the leaves will stay, but you'll notice less, or none at all on the new growth. A good gauge of when to water is wait until the leaves just start to wilt. It wont hurt anything, or spread from that plant to others.
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That'd explain why it seems to start along the veins too! Thank you so much, I didn't know over watering could look like this. I'll definitely try watering less frequently and see if that keeps the newer leaves bump-free.