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Saltys roof

Shorerider said:
Looking good brother. :dance: The color of that sheet metal looks very similar to the color of my shed.  :P  Let's hope it's full steam ahead from here on in.
Nice brother Heather loves it she's happy and so am I. Thanks Paul!!!!!!
moruga welder said:
great to see !  it will last you the rest of the way !  I have metal on both my houses . love it !      :onfire:
Thanks brother!! Glad to hear that, don't want to have to worry about this again!! haha  gulp 
Who the hael puts a metal roof on that's all one color?
Here's how we roll in the Methow, my barn: hahaha



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or the same length pieces?.....  Granny must of put her quilting skills to work on that one.  :lol:


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Amazing, considering that barn was built before the free-grabbers on the local bb.
that barn is in better shape than ALOT of barns u see in waller county around here.
best part of a metal roof though... when u toss bird shot up in the air, it makes a lovely little tinkling sound.