trade-show Sampling sauce in farmers markets?

Hi all! I’m hoping I can get some advice on how to best sample hot sauce at a farmers market. My wife and I run a pretty small operation and do all sauce production/labeling ourselves. We have three sauces ready for market and two already in stock - once we have the third batch made later this month, we’re going to apply for events.

Most sauce companies that I have seen have a food service attached to their sauce (tamales was a nice one). I was wondering if anyone has had success just sampling sauce with small spoons like ice cream shop samples?

I had the idea of getting tortilla chips and heated nacho cheese to sell something small, but hoping there might be some other ideas out there that wouldn’t require us to make an investment into a generator and mobile cooking equipment - we’re small potatoes at this point and want to try and just get people to buy a few bottles!

Appreciate any advice or experience that can be shared :)
Welcome to THP!

This thread has most of the basics, should be a good place to start.

Back in the day, you know, right after the wheel was invented....i used small Amigos Deli brand tortilla chips. But i dont think anyone is using chips for sampling any more. Especially after covid. Lucky Dog Hot Sauce uses some folded bio organic bamboo spoons with the sauces in squirt bottles.

Good luck and Have Fun!