bottles-jars Sanitizing Bottles without Heat

I’m thinking of streamlining my bottle sterilization process. I now am using star san, 1 oz for 5 gallon bucket as recommended. Soaking the bottles in that. Draining once the sauce is at temp and bottling.
I used to put the bottles in the oven at 200 after sanitizing, as an extra step. 
It’s completely fine to skip the step of boiling the bottles or putting them in the oven, as long as the sauce is at temperature right?
Do bottles need to be in the oven or boiled if they have been sanitized with star san or bleach water and the sauce temp is hot enough to meet Hot Fill Hold Requirements?
Sauce is hitting the room temperature bottles at around 190 degrees, never below 180.
I’ll continue using the oven as a secondary sanitization method until I know for sure it is okay to bypass that step.  


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bleach or starsan is enough, or just oven baked. 
However, if someone wants to bake the bottles, I suggest still giving them a water rinse before hand to remove and dust or cardboard particles that may have gotten into the bottles from the carton, shipping, etc. 
But if you are going to rinse with water, might as well bleach or Starsan and be done with it. 
Boiling the bottles is a perfectly good method, but always sounded like a pita.  Messy, hard to handle the bottles....I dunno, just 2cents...
First, get yourself one of these:

The Vinator bottle rinser. Great product.
We use them in homebrew for final sanitizing of bottles. Starsan is ok, but I prefer Iodophor, an iodine based cleaner that is better, imo, at getting rid of yeast, bacteria, and all forms of nasties.