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SanSoo's Grow Log - 2010

I'm getting an early start this year in hopes of having plants ready to pollinate & set before it gets too hot.



I'll be starting a new tray of pellets today.

Seedlings grow slowly this time of year as it's getting fairly cold at night, so need to start bringing them in now.

I don't have any ground, so all will be in pots. Too bad I can't let them root thru the pots into the ground like AJ. But I may set each pot on a tray of dirt this year to facilitate drainage with some wick type action.

Grow List:

From Cappy -
....Brain Strain, 5 of 12 sprouted, this week I will start the other 12
....Yellow Scorpion, 10 of 1st 12, doing well so I need to start 2nd 12
....Mustard Hab, 9 of 1st 12 - most robust of the group
....Big Sun, only got 2 of 12

Other Sources,
....Scorpion BT
....Yellow 7 Pot Pod
....Bhut, Bih, and Naga
....Caribbean Red Hab
....JalapeƱo for my wife

Wintering over a few Red Hab/Scorpion/Bonnet mutts, which I'm still harvesting.

Now if I can just keep from killing them :rolleyes:
Looking good. How do you water your jiffies?

I am using some for the first time (previously used seedling tray with seed raising mix) and not sure if a couple of sprays with a spray bottle daily is enough. I have them covered in a mini greenhouse but it does allow some humidity to escape.
For the pellets I use a 1/2 gal Flo Master pump, which gives a spray or stream. I zap the top, but more importantly I get the sides pretty good.

The little cups I hit with a hard stream to get deep down as I move it around the top.


When transplanting into pots I will remove the outer mesh on the pellets, or remove from the peat pots. I use them because they dry faster and don't trap water when the seedlings are still small with few roots.

Edit: I should mention I move the pellets into 3" peat pots first, as I am trying to get fairly root-bound in each pot and move up in smaller stages until the plants get big enough for the plastic permanent pots.
Good looking start on next season. I remember the Mustard habs being robust in the beginning, nice fat leaves. The brain stain and the yellow scorpions will be your largest plants in the end. Maybe wait to start any more plants till late January, those that you have will get big and take up much room really soon.
That is a beautiful sight San. Must be nice being near the water to keep your temps even during the winter months here. I'm about 10 miles inland and even that little distance from the water brings me temps around 5-7 degrees cooler during night.

I'm planning on starting sometime in January. Hope your plants do well for you! I'll be looking forward to the progress.

12-1 I started a new set of seeds, which are beginning to pop out and up.

5 Cappy Brain Strain
5 Naga Morich
6 Red Congo
7 Yellow 7 Pot Pod

My two light dimmer cords broke so I can't control the temp on the heating mats. I solved the problem by raising the greenhouses on jiffy pellets, which seems to offer "softer" heat than direct contact - if that makes any sense.

Also this time around, before lifting the lid, I drum my fingers on the top to drop 80% of the accumulated moisture back down, which is working out much better.

I lost a few of my tiny seedlings outdoors. I have been putting them all in the sun as much as possible, but the temps can drop pretty quick mid afternoon. They are all indoors at night, as the temp was down to 37 the other night.

Aphids have been a bit of a problem, but no huge infestations so far, as I have been wiping those I see.

I'm debating whether to begin light feeding my seedlings with fish liquid, and whether to feed the roots or foliage. They are growing slowly and could stand to be a darker green.

I continue to have overnight temps in mid 40's. I don't have room for much of a dedicated setup. I have germinating trays on my desk next to my computers, and my only light source is the big picture windows. Indoor temps have been between 68-72.

Not the ideal setup to grow tropical peppers.

Here is my primitive light source:



Here are 2 sets of Red Habs:


I am no longer using the Jiffy Pods. They germinate great, but unless the plants are fairly robust, I have problems down the road. The Habs above were started in the pods, then transfered after first real leaves took shape. The soil is 2 parts Jiffy Seed Starter, 1 part rough potting soil, and 1 part Worm Castings. I have just recently began bottom-water only, but am misting regularly with weak organic nutes and Epsom salt.
Update Continued

Here are my Bhuts. They have been struggling, partially due to the pods, I believe, and of course the light has not been optimal. But they are hanging in there.


These were started in Jiffy Seed Soil, and then transfered into my mix as stated above. A little leggy, but things are warming up and I'm now able to take them outside in the afternoon shade.


Here are some Yellow 7 Pot Pod and Mustard Habs: