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scovilles Santa Fe Grande Pepper Scoville Unit???

I have one of these plants and I thought they were at 700 Scoville Units. I took a red one and chomped it down while handing one to my wife, Nice Bell Type Pepper Flavor, but that was no 700 Units and my wife slapped me good.
I found another site that listed them at 2500 to 5000. I still say that’s way below the heat I got. They are much hotter than a Red Jalapeno and were every bit as hot as my Red Fresnos rated at 10,000 units. Maybe even a little bit hotter. They weren’t mind blowing hot, just much hotter than a general sweet pepper with a little bit of heat. Does anyone know the correct scoville unit on these?
Were you growing those near the others? My neighbors peppers cross pollinated like crazy and he wound up with some really hot "mild" peppers. :)
Yes and I suppose that is a possibility. All my stuff is grown rather close and has the real potential for cross pollination. But I thought that was only the next generation of seeds that could be true hybrids. I know my plants grow rather stressed, and I tend to get smaller but much hotter chilies. This one really caught me off guard for what I expected, and it looks identical to what is suppose to look like. 
You are right about cross pollination, it will be the seed that puts out the hybrid. I grew santa fe granda last year, and i'll say they do have some heat to them, more then you would think I would say. Not sure of the rating on it though
Scovilles are just a number not an exact. growing conditions take a big role in heat. I can grow a single jalapeno that is crazy hot if I stressed it.
Well Its nice to see some sort of consensus that these are hotter than advertised, I have all my peppers listed by heat level on the fridge, so when someone goes to the garden to harvest some for breakfast or dinner we know what were getting into. I'll just move these ones up the list a little, Thanks for all the feedback. 
Ive seen the range vary a lot, depending on where you look.... and ive had pods vary just as much.... some much less than a jalapeno, which my son liked, and some way hotter.... didnt test all of them before giving them to my son, only the first and now he won't eat any peppers....
They are kinda like Poblanos. Most are not hot, but every once in a while you find one that is a lot hotter than a Jalape√Īo. Same goes of Pimiento de padron, which are a bit like playing russian roulette when you go to a Tapas bar in Spain.¬†