Who else loves sauerkraut? I'm sure plenty of you do. Share some recipes, tips, pairings, etc.

I made a couple of batches today. Green and red cabbage. Garlic and chiles are always involved in my sauerkraut, because I love both.


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My favorite simple one is
Dole Slaw mix
1 tbs of Korean pepper flakes for 1-2 bags or 2tbs for 3 bags.
Its more or less Kimchi Lite but i do add a little fish sauce to it sometimes. My pepper flakes are sorta high in sodium so the slaw mix gets a fast rinse or i just use a lighter amount of salt for weeping.
I think im gunna make a kraut with dill and garlic next.
Gorizza said:
Those pods look amazing! Your recipe is borderline kimchi, toss in a little fish sauce and you're there.
It's just salt, garlic, and some rocoto and aji limo on the bottom of the jar for the green cabbage.

The red cabbage saurkraut is salt, garlic, and a few spoonfulls of a ferment that I had going.

Both of them were bubbling away this morning.
cone9 said:
One of these, the second time.   Probably just dumb luck because with decent sanitation (and even without) sauerkraut should be a slam dunk!
Ive had 100% success using a similar fermenter. A little kahm yeast is harmless. Plug the vent hole with the stopper and pour/scoop it off. Add a tbs of vinegar  or a tiny bit of lactic acid mixed with water to the top of the inner lid and it wont come back. The inner lid should be pressed tight against the kraut.
Like i mentioned though i add very little additional water to mine. When i set my inner lid there is virtually no liquid on top of it. After a few days fermenting it will release some juice.
Starts like this

In a few days i got this much whether im making kimchi or just kraut.
bob65 said:
I have just finished off the last of my sauerkraut this morning with poached eggs for breakfast, I have to make some more.
I pound the cabbage and squeeze the juice out of it and let it ferment in it's own juice.
You can't really be an Aussie. 
Aussies always post pics of the entertainment and destruction.
In fact I must tell you....
I heard from a fellow Aussie that it was another Aussie that first said....
"Mate...hold my beer!"
Please sir make more.
And post pics.
THP loves pics.
texas blues said:
I figured as much. My mother used to make Texas toast and make hot deli meat sandwiches with it.... on Sunday evenings....... in the summer.... after I spent all day mowing, edging, raking and bagging the clippings. A hot sandwich was the last thing I wanted..... she just didnt get it.