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scovilles Scoville units should be legally required

I'm tired of all the food items that simply say "FLAMING HOT!" or "Warning! Very hot!".
That's entirely too subjective. If the number of units and it's comparison to the jalapeno is on every package, we can find what suits us and those who can't handle it can see their limits.
But if the law required it, they'd have to get over it. Plus we could push for hotter stuff.
Imagine some Flaming Hot Cheetos that are actually 350k SHU.
Major Pain said:
Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper Chips are a start.  Not straight off the plant Ghost hot but better that a bag of Cheetos.

Those are the only chips that actually deliver. I clear Walmart of every bag they have each time I go. Some of the powder from one made its way into my open blisters while I was working today.


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ScottRobertsWeb has a fairly comprehensive list of sauces and peppers and is sorta sort-able.
everyone always compares to Tabasco, hotter than tabasco....blablabla....
Tabasco is on the list. keep scrolling down....
keep scrolling....
YEP! There it is!
Tabasco 2,500 SHU
I just thought that is why we have this forum.
So that we can grow and make our own sauce , salsa, flakes , dust etc.......................
...and not buy the commercial stuff.
What rlslmshdy said. The REALLY hot stuff is either a niche market or a gimmick. No big producer will ever make anything hotter than what the majority of the consumers can handle. Besides, that same majority wouldn't even know what those SHU numbers represent. They'd need a scale comparing it to Jalapeños or something.
Edit: To clarify the gimmick part, for example here in the Netherlands we have Doritos Roulette (dunno if it's worldwide available). It has a few 'extremely' hot chips in the package. Almost nobody here would buy a bag full of those hot chips. But because they're marketing it like a game where it's funny when someone eats the hot chip, it's very popular.
More hoops to jump through to be a producer for an end result that isn't even going to help anyone, given that Da Bomb's Beyond Insanity is officially about 1/19 the heat of Hot Ones' The Last Dab and still tastes stronger.