home-brewing Seasonal beer recipes: Smoked Amber Ale (Fall 2021)


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I always wanted to brew a smoked beer and I’ve been thinking about the ingredients/process for quite a while before brewing this one. The result is unusual but in a good way. On the malty side, this beer is sweet (not overly), full of flavors with caramel and nutty-like undertones and just the right amount of smoke presence. The mouthfeel is pretty decent, the head retention and the carbonation level are spot-on. Here’s my recipe for this very good seasonal beverage. Cheers!

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Nice! I'd probably try it just under room temp in a snifter to get the full effect. With some cheesecake (don't smoke cigars lol).


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Ahah, I was thinking of some fat cigars too but it's not that cool to smoke anymore, isn't?!😅 Besides, I can't tell about the cheesecake but it was a very good match with an apple crumble!