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seeds Seed germination method.

Hello everyone, I've been growing pepper years. I normally got good germination rate. But there were a few that so difficult to germinate. Fatalii was the one that I failed the most. Can anyone give me some tips to germinate the tricky species? very appreciate, Thanks. 
I have germinated many varities with a good success with "a floating boat". I actually make paper pillow that is in the clear plastic box. Then I water it and cover it with a lid but not tighten. After I see sprouts then I put it in to a soil. 
This is a bit risky way. I prefer not do this many at same container. Picture is from chiliwiki.fi
I suggest explaining your gemination process so people can focus on what you might adjust for optimal results. 
Generally, if you maintain conducive temps (low to mid 80F's) and humidity levels (not too wet or too dry) and don't do anything too crazy you should typically be seeing hooks on Chinense in the 8 - 20 day range.  There are definitely varieties that germinate faster/slower than others and many of the hotter types are slower.  Sometimes it's just a matter of given them long enough.  And sometimes, for whatever reason, the odd planting of seeds just doesn't cooperate, but if you try again they do fine.  And sometimes they're just duds.