Seed Giveaway - CLOSED

Going to have a little pepper giveaway.
Please read the details first.  I put some of the important parts in bold.
To be eligible you need to have been a member for at least 1 month and have 10 previous posts.
Hopefully this can help some new people and anyone else who wants them a few new varieties.  Mainly due to the time it takes to sort out into bags, I am going to have a few limits on how many you can select.  Everyone is welcome to choose up to 15 varieties.  If you have previously posted on my GLOG or are on my friends list you can pick up to 25 varieties.  Also please select 3 alternates if you select anything in the lower quantity groups as some of those may become unavailable.
If you purchased any pods from me or traded / sent me any seeds or anything like that, you all know who you are, just send me a PM outside this post, let me know if you want anything.  Would like to keep this giveaway to some new people/growers or maybe some people who I haven't had previous dealings with.
I will limit this to the first 20 people that post claiming a spot.  I may have another one later, need to limit this for now.  I will throw 2 stamps on the envelope and drop in the mail box.  Most of the time this is sufficient, but there is a chance the post office may decide to charge around $2.52 or so. If they do this they may send a bill to you, or hold the mail.  Please accept this as a possibility with this giveaway.  I am not asking for a SASBE or anything so at most you would be out is around $1.50.  
I will also send international.  If you are not in the US I would ask that you help with the additional shipping by sending probably no more than 2 or 3 US dollars to me via paypal.  I also won't have the time to fill out any customs forms, so if anything gets confiscated by your countries customs, that is a risk you must be willing to accept.
Now about the seeds.  The majority of these seeds were grown by me, mostly this year, some last year.  All of the seeds must be considered open pollinated.  There is not guarantee that a the seeds will grow true.  I did some giveaways last year and after collecting some data from some of the people that I gave seeds to, I have found that my seeds last year grew true around 75% to 80% of the time.  So I cannot guarantee the purity, but what I can promise is that I have collected seeds only from the best pods.  I also only collected from varieties that grew true to the mest of my knowledge unless otherwise noted.  I did include some that I know are crosses, mostly because I felt they were good peppers.  When I have crosses that seem to have no qualities I like, I typically pull the plant at that point. 
Most of the seeds in the last group are what are left after plantout that I don't plan to plant again.  Many of these are either from other trades or giveaways on here last year or seeds that I purchased from a vendor.  You will be getting whatever was left in that pack.
I have 4 groups and here is how the seeds will be counted:
Large Quantity Available: Will send 10 - 15 or more seeds
Medium Quantity Available:  Will send 8 - 10 seeds, maybe a few more 
Low Quantity Available:  Will send 5 - 10 seeds
One pack available: You will get the pack I have of that variety
Finally the last rules.  If interested, post a reply in this thread.  I will try to keep the count updated as I have time.  Then send me a PM with your list and address.  Please make sure PM has this title so I will be easier for me to sort and less likely that I will miss one "YOUR USERNAME" SEED GIVEAWAY.   Go ahead and send PM right away also, if I haven't closed it down, you are more than likely going to get some seeds even it it goes a little over the 20th request.   I will get things packaged up and sent to you.  Everything has been very busy this year, so please give me some time to get this done.  I Will do my best to get everything back to you within a few weeks, but please allow up to 4 to 6 weeks.  Sorry, I don't have help with any pepper activities and sometimes all this bagging and labeling takes time and I am still picking peppers and processing for powders etc.  There are also a few varietes that I don't have the seeds ready for yet, but will have them in a few weeks. Had a few late plants, but those in particular are the Purple and Black habaneros.  
Large Quantity Available:
7 Pot Brain Strain Yellow
7 Pot Brown                                         Had shape more similar to a short bhut.  Flavor and heat both outstanding still.
7 Pot Bubblegum Chocolate Elongated
7 Pot Chaguanas
7 Pot Douglah
7 Pot Infinity
7 Pot Jonah
7 Pot Lava Red                            Long pheno, not sure if correct, but blisterin heat.
7 Pot Orange X                            Might be true, original source (PL), more yellow and smooth for a 7 pot, but great heat and flavor.
7 Pot Primo Orange X                   Looked like a primo, but ripened to yellow.
7 Pot Primo Red
7 Pot Primo Yellow
7 Pot Yellow
7 Pot Yellow x Bhut India Carbon
7JPN Burnt Pheno
Aji Ahuachapan
Aji Cito
Aji Lemon Drop
Aji Omni Color
Aji Pineapple
Arribibi Gusano
Bahamian Goat
Beni Highlands
Bhut Jolokia Caramel
Bhut Jolokia Orange
Bhut Jolokia Orange Copenhagen
Bhut Jolokia Orange Copenhagen X        Red ripening pods that were bigger and more gnarly than typical BOC.
Bhut Jolokia Peach TW X                       Thick walled cross with bhut.  Color is right,taste is great and heat is good but lower than typical peach bhut.
Bhut Jolokia Yellow
Bhutlah Chocolate (PL)
Bhutlah Red X                                      Ripened brown/caramel.  Super hot, great pepper.  If it growout is true, will be happy.
Billy Boy Douglah Red
Billy Boy Douglah Yellow
Billy Goat
Black Hungarian
Black Scorpion's Tongue
Brazilian Ghost Brown
Burkina Yellow
Carolina Reaper x Unknown                  Longer bumpy pods, good taste, high heat.  Guessing it crossed with chocolate bhut.
Cayenne Purple
Cayenne Yellow
Chiero Roxa
Chinese Giant
Cleo's Dragon X                                    Quite mild heat, but shape / color looked correct.
Congo Trinidad Giant Yellow
Daisy Cutter MA Yellow
Defcon 7
Devil's Brain
Devil's Horn
Devil's Tongue Chocolate
Fatalii Black
Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw
Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw X                     Similar to true jigsaw but thick walled.  Pod was very good tasting and very hot.
Fatalii White
Goats Weed X                                   Final pods similar, red ripening about 3" long with cayenne like heat and great taste.
Habalokia Peach Lavalamp
Habanero Black Stinger
Habanero Cappuccino
Habanero Carolina Yellow
Habanero Chocolate
Habanero Chocolate Nugget X           Unknown cross, pods like chocolate habs shapped like a chicken mcnugget.
Habanero Hand Grenade Red X         Supposed to be chocolate hand grenade, instead huge red pods with great taste and scorpion tails on many.
Habanero Hand Grenade Yellow X      Supposed to be chocolate hand grenade, instead big yellow pods with great taste and scorpion tails on many.
Habanero Harold St. Barts
Habanero Large Red Jamaican
Habanero Magnum Orange
Habanero Martinique X                      Shaped like a smooth reaper.  Much hotter than habanero.
Habanero Niranja Picante
Habanero Orange Apple
Habanero Paper Lantern
Habanero Roatan Pumpkin
Ice Scream Scorpion BT
Jalapeno Purple
Jamaican Hot Chocolate
Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion
Jay's Red Ghost Scorpion
Jimmy Nardellos
Jonah's Yellow Brain
Mako Akokosrade
Mako Kokoo X                               Ended up being yellow, small fruity hot / sweet pods size of a peanut M&M. Great pepper.
Murupi Red
Naga Black
Naga King Orange
Naga Monster
Naga Peach
Naga Viper
Nagabrains Red
Orange Teapot
Peach Congo
Pickersgills Orange
Red Dog
Scotch Bonnet Chocolate
Scotch Bonnet Elysium Oxide
Scotch Bonnet MOA Red
Scotch Bonnet MOA Red X                  Yellow pheno, big meaty awesome flavored pods.  I like this better than either the red or true yellow MOA.
Scotch Bonnet MOA Yellow
Scotch Bonnet Stuffing
Tepin x Lemon Drop
Thai Orange Large
Tiger Teeth
Trinidad PI281317
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Yellow
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Yellow X                 Turned out more like chocolate habanero with a shape like a rounded Butch T.
Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate X / Caramel          Very hot pods ripening to caramel instead of chocolate.
Trinidad Scorpion Lemon Lime
Trinidad Scorpion Long SR
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Yellow
Urfa Biber
Yaki Brown
Medium Quantity Available:
007 Orange BT
7 Pot Burgundy
7 Pot Caramel
7 Pot Gigantic SR Chocolate
7 Pot Rennie
7 Pot SR Strain
7 Pot White
Bhut Jolokia Chocolate
Bhut Jolokia Creamy Yellow TW X                  Thick walled cross with bhut.  Taste is great and heat is good but lower than typical peach bhut.
Bhut Jolokia Dulac
Bido Tacana
Bishop's Crown
Bolsa De Dulce
Bombay Morich
Bonda Ma Jacques
Carolina Reaper
Devil's Tongue White
Dorset Naga
Gold Marconi
Habanero Antillais Carribbean
Habanero Black
Habanero Giant Orange
Habanero Manzano
Habanero Purple
Kraken Scorpion
Madballz Chocolate
Sheepsnose Pimento
Trini Mystery
Trinidad Congo Orange
Trinidad Scorpion CARDI Red
Trinidad Scorpion CARDI Yellow X                  Nice shaped yellow pods, heat more like a yellow habanero.
Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate X                        Pods more like chocolate habanero with scorpion shape,  Great taste, milder than a scorpion.
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Brown
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Caramel
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Chocolate
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Red
Trinidad Scorpion Orange/Yellow X Ripened closer to yellow.
UBSC Brown
Low Quantity Available:
7 Pot Brain Strain Red
7 Pot Congo SR Gigantic
7 Pot Mustard
Bhut Jolokia Black
Bhut Jolokia Peach (PL) SS
Bhut Jolokia White
Bih Jolokia
Devil's Tongue Yellow
Habanero Long Chocolate
Hot Salsa
Pimenta De Neyde
Red Hot Cherry Bomb
Royal Gold
Sus Biberi
Trinidad Smooth
Turkish Caps Rojo
One pack available:
Aji Verde
Bhut Jolokia India Carbon
Bhut Jolokia Red x Moruga Red
Black Cayman
Black Coban
Black Pearl
CAP 501
Chile de Arbol
Cumra Cherry
Fatalii Yellow
Habanero Giant White
Habanero Green
Habanero Orange
Habanero Peruvian White
Indian Jwala
Mulato Isleno
Naga Morich
Naga x Congo Chocolate
Scotch Bonnet Yellow
Stavros Pepperoncini
Trinidad Scorpion Original
Wiri Wiri
D3monic said:
Damn nice list and give away
toss me a packet of peach congo and the ice scream in the seed train coming up would ya?
You got it.  Made up some labels, haven't printed just yet, but both those are on there already, with 58 others I think.
RedNeck Spysee Chilez said:
Great "newbie" seed give away. Can I get a spot please? Thanks, Gary
Sure, just send PM with list and addy, and give me some time. Wanted to get this going, but still busy but hopeful I can try and keep up with requests quickly.
Most awesome giveaway! Newbies really need to take advantage of this (I'm in the 'any one else' category... thanks for that!) I see a few I'd like to try in my branching out into 'tasty land'. PM incoming after I sort through that huge list!   :drooling:
dakota_115 said:
Great seed giveaway!  I would love to get in on it if possible.  Thank you.
az1000 said:
Great offer. I would like some if possible. Thanks.
keyown1 said:
count me in please and thanks 
Alchymystic said:
Most awesome giveaway! Newbies really need to take advantage of this (I'm in the 'any one else' category... thanks for that!) I see a few I'd like to try in my branching out into 'tasty land'. PM incoming after I sort through that huge list!   :drooling:
thorolygood said:
I'b be interested if still open.
Thank You
Still available.  Just send me a pm with what you want and your address to send to.  Put your username SEED GIVEAWAY in the subject of the PM so I can see it easily.  If any questions or need a few $$ for international shipping I will get back with you eventually, hopefully wont take too long.
I think this makes 6 or 7, so 13 or 14 spots left.  Won't be available to respond too much until late tonight, so for anyone else, just send a PM along with a reply to the thread.   I will try to put up a closed sign once the number of people gets to be more than I can handle.