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Excellent.  Ive gone mostly to frames.  But talking to people, have learned I take things like power tools for granted.  Lots of people growing in an urban setting, no room for frames or power tools.  I am curious to know why you prefer bags when you seem to have plenty of space.
I kinda grow in frames use bags. The frames are (see later in the video) temporary cane structures with fine tulle draped over and weighted down. A welder mate is making me a more permanent structure and I'll be using more hardcore mozzie screening (It would be a disaster area if I got my hands on a power tool lol!)  I'm really looking forward to using this as I'm too lazy to build cane wigwams all over the place only to take them down again at the end of the season! 
Have you got a pic of your frames? would love to see what isolation others use to prevent crossing. 
Biscombe, no pictures yet.  But I am writing a bit on isolation for my blog and want pictures.  So going to paint them soon and will post.  I want to build better but for now they are a very simplistic rectangular box with bridal cloth.  If I build better, will likely put plastic on the ones already constructed and use them as mini green houses for starts.

I would like someday to build things the right way so I am not constantly changing them.  Never happen.