heat "Seeds ae hottest" myth.

Just read a post by Scott Roberts via twitter - http://www.scottrobertsweb.com/Man-Eats-275-Jalapenos-In-Eight-Minutes - and was a little disappointed with the statement of " The inside seeds possess the hottest temperatures".

Even if he was dumbing it down for the general population, would it have been too hard to state it more factually correct by saying "the area around the seeds is the hottest"?

No wonder the myth is kept alive.
I always feel like a know-it-all correcting people, but you are right.

The one I really like though is when people believe that the outside of a chilli is hot too.... :rolleyes: :rofl:

Yeah I washed a handful of BJ's & 7 Pots and my hands are'nt burning, much, for hours, & hours, in pain, no.