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Semillas La Palma 2013

During the large forest fire just a year ago we lost around 2/3 of our production.

We decided to move to a more fire protected region and found a ground in a pure subtropical zone
at about 230m a.s.l.

Pepper production is in 3 greenhouses with insect repellant netting.

At the moment we grow around 3000 plants in pots from 11 liters to 35 liters

Here is the actual growing list:

7pot Brain Strain
7pot Brain Strain Yellow
7pot Brown
7pot Brown 2nd gen
7pot Infinity
7pot Primo Orange 2nd gen
7pot Primo Primo
7pot SR
Aci Sivri 2007
Aji ahuachapáu
Aji cachucha
Aji Chombo
Aji Cito
Aji Cito 2nd
Aji Cristal SSE
Aji Dulce amarillo
Aji Dulce Long
Aji Escabeche
Aji Ethiopian Fire
Aji Fantasi
Aji Fantasi White
Aji Huanuco
Aji Limo
Aji Little Finger Orange
Aji Little Finger Red
Aji Minas Gereis
Aji Monagre
Aji Panca
Aji Pasco
Aji Picante
Aji Pineapple
Aji Tapachula
Aji Umba Red
Alma Paprika
Aluka Sarga
Ancho St. Luis
Antalya Dan
Antillais 14.5
Aucaja Amarilla
Bahamian Goat Pepper
Barbados Pepper
Beaver Dam
Beni Highlands
Bhut Jolokia Peach
Bhut Jolokia Rust
Bhut Jolokia Stamm Assam
Bhu X Douglah brown
Bhut X Douglah red
Bido Tacana
Big Jamaican
Biker Bills Jalapeño
Billy Goat
Bishops Crown
Black Coban 2007
Black Habanero
Black Namaqualand
Black Scorpions Tongue
Black Stinger
Bode Amarelo
Bolivar de Minas Gereis
Bolivian Bumpy
Bolivian Rainbow
Botinecka Zuta
Brasileira 3 Lobos fat
Brasileira Marimbondo
Broome Pepper
Brown Rocoto
Buena Mulata 2007
Burkina Yellow
Caja Vermelha
CAP 1003
CAP 1006
CAP 101
CAP 1035 Typ II
CAP 1086
CAP 1086
CAP 1141
CAP 1149
CAP 1149
CAP 1153
CAP 119
CAP 120
CAP 1231
CAP 1254
CAP 1283
CAP 129
CAP 1322
CAP 1356
CAP 1374
CAP 1392
CAP 1445
CAP 1446
CAP 1461
CAP 1462
CAP 1465
CAP 1469
CAP 1469
CAP 148
CAP 1487
CAP 1546
CAP 155
CAP 1650
CAP 1655
CAP 1662
CAP 1667
CAP 1669
CAP 1676
CAP 1680
CAP 1683
CAP 1705
CAP 195
CAP 195
CAP 201
CAP 202
CAP 203
CAP 203
CAP 204
CAP 205
CAP 205
CAP 206
CAP 206
CAP 214
CAP 225
CAP 26
CAP 299
CAP 302 El Salvador
CAP 310
CAP 346, Costa Rica
CAP 362
CAP 362
CAP 364
CAP 364 nur eine Pflanze
CAP 375
CAP 375
CAP 378
CAP 378
CAP 435
CAP 455
CAP 477
CAP 526
CAP 579
CAP 586
CAP 606
CAP 664
CAP 689
CAP 716
CAP 716
CAP 720
CAP 720
CAP 800 Aji Chay, Kuba
CAP 802 Aji de Sasonar, Cuba
CAP 869 Aji mochero, Aji Limo
CAP 910
CAP 920
CAP 922
CAP 922
CAP 924
CAP 924
CAP 926
CAP 926
CAP 932
CAP 932
CAP 958 Aji Criollo, Kuba
Capsicum cardenasii
Capsicum eximium
Capsicum galapagoense
Capsicum lanceolatum
Carolina Reaper
Carolina Yel 2007
CGN 16995
CGN 17018
CGN 19198
CGN 19216
CGN 20802 Macapá Red
CGN 20803
CGN 21498
CGN 21500
CGN 21500XXX
CGN 21502
CGN 21566
CGN 22090
CGN 22091
CGN 22095
CGN 22165
CGN 22837
CGN 22838
CGN 22840
CGN 22858
CGN 23250
CGN 23255
CGN 23257
CGN 23258
CGN 24332
Chaguanos 2 Smokemaster
Chahua Chili
Charleston Hot
Cheiro Roxa
Chen 20
Chervena Chushka
Chile de Onza
Chilhuacle Negro
Chili Blanco
Chiltepin 2
Chiltepin 3
Chiltepin amarillo
Chiltepin New Mexico
Chinchi Uchu
Chinese Ornamental
Chocolate Beauty
Chocolate Cherry
Chocolate Habanero Long
Chocolate Scorpion SR
Clavo Red
Cola de Rata
Colombian Orange
Condors Beak
Congo Black
Congo Trinidad
Cor de Laranja
Corazón PI 419133
Corno Torrogiallo
Costa Rican Red
Costeño amarillo
Cubanelle Sweet
Cumari o Pasarinho
Cumari PL
Czech Black
Dátil Red
Devils Tongue Red
Donni Sali
Dorset Naga Orange
Dulce Italiano
Dutch Habanero
Ecuadorian Brown
Ecuadorian Red Pepper for Hell
Explosive Ember
Fatalii Brown
Fatalii Orange
Fatalii Red
Feher kos
Ferenec Tender
Foodorama Scotch Bonnet
Francos Aji
Frontera Sweet
Garden Sunshine
Gelbe Zwerge
Giant Rocoto
Goat Pepper
Golden Cayenne
Golden Marconi
GRI 9231
GRIF 9125
GRIF 9275 SD
Guatemalan Chiltepin large
Guatemalan Chiltepin small
Habanero Adalberto
Habanero Big Sun
Habanero Brown
Habanero Capuchino
Habanero El Remo
Habanero Francisca
Habanero Gambia
Habanero Hot Lemon
Habanero Ivory
Habanero Luciferino
Habanero Manzano
Habanero Martinique
Habanero Mexican Orange
Habanero Mustard
Habanero Naranja Picante
Habanero Neon Yellow
Habanero Numero Diez
Habanero Pastel
Habanero Peach
Habanero St. Martin
Habanero Tabaquite
Habanero Ugandian Red
Hatvani Eros
Hawai Beach
Hot Apple
Hot Paper Lantern
Hot Portugal
Hungarian Black
Inca Hot
Jalapeño Conchos
Jalapeño Craigs Grande
Jalapeño M
Jamaican Hot Chocolate
Jamaican Hot Red
Jamaican Red Hot
Jamaican Sc Bonnet Long
Jamaican Scotch Bonnet TFM
Jamaican Yellow Hot
Jimmy Nardellos Sweet Frying
Joes Long
Kaleidoskope 2007
Kashmiri Mirch Chris
Kasmiri Mirch GB
King of the North
Large Orange Thai
Large Red Rocoto
Lemon Drop
Leutschauer Paprika
Limo Blanco
Little Elf
Macapá Red
Machito Rosso
Machu Pichu
Madame Jeanette
Madre Vieja
Manabi Sweet
Mata Frade
Maui Purple
Maules Red Hot
Maya Pimento
Mini Rocoto
Morovars Yellow
Mulato Isleño
Murupi Red
Naga Jolokia Purple
Naga Morich x Tabasco
Naga Viper
Nepalese Bell
Nocera Rosso
NOT Brain Yellow
NOT TS Moruga PL
NuMex Big Jim
NuMex Joe Parker
Numex Memorial Day
NuMex Piñata
NuMex Suave Orange
NuMex Suave Red
NuMex Sunrise
NuMex Sunset
Orange Bell
Orange Habanero de Arbol
Pasilla Bajio
Peperone Friariallo
Peri-Peri JD
Peruvian Golden
Peter Pepper Orange
Peter Pepper Red
Peter Pepper Yellow
PI 195301
PI 215734
PI 22444802 SD
PI 241678 Typ II
PI 260427
PI 260472
PI 26048502 SD
PI 260490
PI 260504
PI 260567
PI 267733
PI 281317
PI 315022
PI 355815
PI 427291
PI 438939
PI 439410
PI 439452 creme
PI 439452 red
PI 441654
PI 44165601 SD
Pickersgills Orange
Pico de Pajaro 2008
Piment d´Espelette
Pimenta da Cheiro
Pimiento Africano
Pimiento Blanco
Pimiento de Padrón
Pimiento Piquillo
Piri-Piri Madeira
Portugese Goat Heart
Pretty in Purple
Puerto Rican Yellow
Purple Flash
Purple Habanero
Purple Jalapeño
Pusa Jwala
Quadrado d´Asti Giallo
Quadrato d´Asti Rosso
Quitirishi Hot
Rawit Nigeria
Red Cheese Pepper 2006
Red Dominica Habanero
Red Habanero de Arbol
Red Sabrina
Red Savina
Ring of Fire
Roatan Pumpkin Habanero
Rocoto Aji Largo
Rocoto CAP 1492
Rocoto CAP 363
Rocoto CAP 867 org
Rocoto CAP 867 red
Rocoto CAP 867 red
Rocoto Costa Rican Red
Rocoto de Seda
Rocoto Guatemalan Orange
Rocoto La Paz rojo
Rocoto Perón Rojo
Rocoto PI 235047
Rocoto PI 355812
Rocoto PI 585273
Rocoto PI 614001
Rocoto San Isidro
Rocoto San Isidro Select
Rocoto Turbo Pube
Royal Gold
Santa Lucia Island
Saras Green
Scarlet Lantern Peru
Scotch Bonet Long
Scotch Bonnet Brown
Scotch Bonnet Safi
Scotch Bonnet Trinidad Red
Serrano Tampequeño
Shepards Ramshorn
Snow White
Sunrise Scorpion
Sweet Cayenne
Sweet Pickles
Sweet Wrinckled Old Man
Szentesi piacos
TAM Jalapeño
Tazmanian Black
Tears of Fire
Thai Denchai 198
Thai Orange Hot
The Superhot Beast
The Violet Cables
Trepadeira Werner
Trinidad Scorpion Green
Trinidad Scorpion Green Chris
Trinidad Scorpion Improved
Trinidad Scorpion Orange
Trinidad Scorpion Yellow
Trinidad X-Strain
TS Butch X 7pot Jonah
TS Moruga Red
Venus of Willendorf
Vicentes annuum
Wenks Yellow Hots
Westindian Yellow Hab
Yellow Bumpy
Yellow Cayenne
Yellow Fire

And here is a slide show, all pictures taken yesterday:
About 350 are already available,
the rest as soon as we got a good number of seeds.
A few will NOT be available, because too many plants didn´t come true to type.
These are all from seeds I bought or got in trades.
Unfortunately a standard issue when you try to get new varieties.
Most of the CAP Accessions are from original seeds from the IPK institute in Germany.
They have been sawn later and mature pods are aspected around end of August.
Then we can see how many of these can be marketet.
Most of these acessions neither have a good description nor a picture and in some cases even the variety is not correct!
So new variety descriptions and pictures are my job in the next weeks.
I have some seeds from you that i bought for this year but i didn't get around to growing them so next year i will grow them.  
Burkina Yellow
Sc Bonnet Trinidad
Surinam Red Habanero
Cap 833
Jam Sc Bonnet Long
Paps Joe's Sc Bonnet
Scotch Bonnet Brown
Foodorama Scotch Bonnet
West indian Yellow Hab
Sunrise Scorpion
Habanero Ugandian Red
Puerto Rican Yellow
Good luck at your new location Peter!
The seeds I got from you last year performed very well, the Tasmanian Black turned out to be quite a stunning looking plant!
Great list Peter! I see you've come to know about some varieties growing untrue abd you kicked them out. I bought some seeds from SLP shop this spring, Fatalis are growing into some Aji pepper, and all Primo Orange are growing into Big Jim Anaheim or some similiar pepper.

Seems you've sorted that out, good luck on new location :)
You are a seed bank. I am glad there are people in the world like you. Also your seeds are of a very high quality, I got 100% germination of 30 species planting two of each. Very impressive. Do you find the altitude is helping with growing at your new site?
I'll be interested to see if the Chaguanas 2 and Red Habanero De Arbol grow true.
The Chaguanas 2 ,so far seems stable.
The red tree I haven't grown out yet.

It was supposed to be an Orange tree but put out red pods.Other than smaller pods the plants were pretty much identical.
Mites killed almost all my plants last year.
They were too infested by the time I figured out what was wrong.

The Kitchen Pepper was a 7 pot SR that I grew in isolation ,that after 5 generations,it made smooth pods,lost it's bumps and some of it's heat.
I probably sent you pics before,If not Ask and I will...
Great job Peter, your greenhouses should be amazing.
Do you have any special method for sowing such a large quantity of seeds and keep them in order?
Good luck
Boguspokus said:
You are a seed bank. I am glad there are people in the world like you. Also your seeds are of a very high quality, I got 100% germination of 30 species planting two of each. Very impressive. Do you find the altitude is helping with growing at your new site?
Thanks, I do my very best!
The new location is a hit, if I knew it earlier I´d moved as early as possible.
The main problems at the altitude I grew before (720m) were too cool winters and too hot and dry summers.
At the new location we can grow all the year around and peppers are setting good pods even in winter.
I just prepared a couple of seeds that I´ll start now, aspecting crops in Dez - Jan !

@ Datil,
seeds are sown in small pods, 10-20 seeds per pod, labeled and covered with a glass plate.
After transplanting and thereafter pods are held in lines where the first pod carries the label.
If we move pods, me move one variety after the other to avoid any mix-up.
Fruits are collected in bags or boxes or pots with labels and the seed cleaning process runs with labels.
So very low chance of any mix-up
@ smokemaster
The tree habaneros are growing true, Chaguanas unfortunately doesn´t.
My line of 7pot SR is impressing, I´m quiet sure it´s the mother of Moruga as well as Brainstrain. From my point of view you cannot distinguish between Brainstrain and SR. Heat is also on top!
@ MisterNo
please check if it could be a mix-up at your location. We would have got masses of complaints if Fatalii or 7pot Primo Orange didn´t grow true, but so far nothing.
If it were a mix-up during filling (we fill large batches) 300-400 customers would have got wrong seeds, I would rule out this as well
The untrue varieties I got were from seeds I bought from abroad.
Replenish of our entire stock is done form the own master seed record. We do not use bought seeds for this.
If you mail me your order numer or just you name, I can look what I can do for you.