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Send the good vibes!

Well, after about 2 years of having no/crappy paying jobs, I have a really good chance to turn it all around.

On February 17th, I have an audition with Royal Caribbean/Celebrity Cruise Lines to be a drummer for the show bands and featured artists. The only down side is.... If I get this gig, I'll be away from home a lot. But, if it means good money and playing drums for a living, I'm all over it.

Mrs. DD and I have already discussed this, and she's 100% supportive.

So... shoot me the good vibes!!!!


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good for you DD
You don't need our vibes, you're good enough to do this all on your own. I will, however, pelt you with "I believe in you" and other supportive messages. Just in case, you know, you forget.


Best of luck mate!

If ya can't take all your lovely sauces with you, I'm sure I could "watch over them" for ya. ;)
As the aberrant child of theater parents I spit over your shoulder!

And you know: you're NOT supposed to thank for that.