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health Serranos: pale leafs with brown spots

Hi have a couple of serrano plants that have some healthy looking fruit but whose leaves that turned pale of late + some brown "stains".

They're currently in their second pot... TRANSPARENT 8 LT water bottles, last week I gave them their first-ever dose of fertilizer (4-5-6 soluble guano). I sometimes leave a puddle when watering, although they have good drainage (the excess water seems to leave in seconds). We've had heatwaves, so some wilting-inducing under-watering has occurred (watering always brings them back to life). I spotted a whitefly today for the first time... I will begin watering with potassic soap & neem oil.

My plan was to (finally) transplant them to large, actual pots... but I don't want to do any of that if my plants have an uncurable disease.

Hopefully, someone can help... thanks in advance!

If you find out what it is or not, go ahead and get rid of the leaves- pick them off and dispose of them far away from your plants. The leaves will not heal so you might as well get rid of them if it is fungal or bacterial or whatever.
Can't tell if it's just the photo, or... But the color of the whole plant seems off.

When did you put these outside for the first time? And where in Florida are you located? Annuums don't tend to do really well here at this time of year. That's a late fall/winter planting. The humidity really crushes them. You can grow them, but they'll struggle, and that means everything else has to be in check. (shade cloth almost mandatory, and media/soil has to be on point)