SFRB - 10 Varieties - $16 Shipped! CLOSED!!!!

Just harvested these pods 20 minutes ago. This is a nice assortment of 10 different varieties.  
This box will ship Tues. or Wed. (depending on the time-frame).
U.S. only, PayPal only, pay before shipping.  Rather than auction, I am selling these boxes straight up for $16 shipped.  Please post in this topic if you are interested!  The pods below will be used to pack 2 full boxes to the brim!  Each box will contain an equal assortment of the peppers shown below :).
Here are the varieties included (position in text compares to the position in the picture)
CGN 21500                                 Yellow Fatalii                                            Naga Morich
Chocolate Bhut Jolokia                Peach Bhut Jolokia                                  Aji Lemon Drop
Red Peter Pepper ;)                    Trinidad Congo                                       Purple Cayenne
                                               White Bullet Habanero

In them Boxes!!!!!!

Thx :)