SFRB - 24 Diff Varieties - $15 or $19 Labeled


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This is my first box listed this year, peppers are just starting to ripen.  I am offering an SFRB stuffed to the brim, 24 different varieties, including some unique and hard to find varieties.  I will be listing more boxes in the upcoming weeks with many different varieties available.
Here is a great way to sample many different pepper varieties as well as build up a collection of seed varieties on the cheap.
These are open pollinated (non isolated)
I am asking $15 via Paypal - shipping included - US Lower 48 only. PM me if you are interested.  These will be sent out on today if I receive payment before 3pm CST otherwise will go out tomorrow.  I will also label each pepper if interested for an additional $4 ($19 total)
Here are the varieties
Arseclown Jolokia
Farvignana Cayenne
Pimenta Chris Fat
Choco Kokoo (Mako Kokoo cross)
Fatalii Orange Scorpion (cross from Orange Fatalii - really cool looking)
Big Black Mama
Long Red Hab
BOC X Reaper
BB7 Choc X Reaper
PDN X Douglah 2.3 (peach)
P Dreadie Red (cross)
Sugar Rush Cream
Trinidad X (super gnarly)
Fidalgo Roxa
Bhut Multicolor (green to purple to orange to red)
Yellow Bumpy Hab
Yellow Bleeding Heart (crossed)
Sugar Rush Red
Unknown Yellow Scotch Bonnet
Macapa (hab type)
Orangegum Tiger Mamp
Red Lightning Hab
CP115 (a really nice gnarly example)
Fatalii Jigsaw
Yellow Bhut Assam
Bleeding Heart
Arrowhead (long thin Bhut type, really cool)
SFRB Indiv 7-121.jpg
SFRB 7-121.jpg

Peppers arived today- Fresh, glossy, and from what I've eaten, damn right delicious. Thank you for the baggy of powder! It will be put to good use.

So far I've munched on the big black mama (dont google image search that one), and sugar rush red and cream. Great!