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recipe Sharing my Ketchup Recipe

I have a very simple ketchup recipe that I developed out of necessity as a base ingredient and think it's pretty good.

Let me know what you think or what you'd change!

tomato paste = 1/3 cup
Apple cider vinegar = 4 oz
Sugar = 4oz
Salt = 1 tablespoon

Combine in sauce pan and bring to a boil. Let simmer and thicken until you have a nice dark red and shiny appearance. So simple.

Makes 4 ounces of finished ketchup.

The Hot Pepper

For a BBQ or sauce base, great. For ketchup I would add some onion powder, and I believe Heinz uses clove (hidden in the "spices").
Careful if simmering with the sugar or it ends up tasting like BBQ sauce. I kill the heat and then add sugar after its cooled down a tiny bit.


Business Member
I just made this recipe with dry garlic and onion powder.

I (almost) followed the recipe, just using dry instead of fresh garlic and onion. Very good for a first draft. Next batch will lessen the sugar, dash more vinegar and a pinch more cayenne powder.
I used plain tinned tomatoes, all the tom sauces and most diced ones had basil, onion, garlic, spices etc.

This is prepping for a Making Hot Sauce class this winter at tye Grange Hall. Im also gonna try a zucchini salsa recipe.