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shopping Should i buy this?

I just found this locally on craigslist. This year I had just used two T12 shop lights to start my 20 plants until they went outside. I thought for the right price I could pick this up for next year. Maybe offer 80 bucks? Any thoughts?

Sure seems cheap at 80 clams. Do your math on energy consumption though, to run one of those here would cost about 20 clams a week.
You setin up a growhouse sure he was gonna grow peppers, they bust people down here all the time and they aint growin peppers in their houses. Hmmm this single fam house has a $1500 dollar electric bill wonder whats up with that?
that setup costs 102 bucks i think over at htg supply, so 80 if its in good shape is pretty good.


they coulda been mining bitcoins! :rofl:
For twenty plants, a set-up like that seems to be a bit overkill in my opinion. I'd stick with the fluorescent lights.

That was one of my thoughts. My flouros seemed to work well but just thought I could get something a bit better. Is it worth it to switch from T12s to T8s or 5s? I will probably remain with 20 plants again next year. It's about all I can handle with it just being another hobby.

Sorry for yelling but the very last type of light to use to raise seedlings is a HPS. The plants will be extremely leggy.

+1 if your only starting your plants indoors it probably ain't worth it... cheap though it is. It's in the mid-late stages of growth that CFLs start to pale.
If you have any plans to move indoors in the future however, I would snap it up!