sinensis grow log 2020

hi friends, here's year number 3!
i'd like to thank everyone who takes the time to document their grows. you've helped me a lot.
previous glogs:
i was busy last fall, and i didn't overwinter anything. i only sort of regret letting one of them go. it was two year old reaper with a girthy, gnarly looking nebari. it could have been made into a neat bonchi. anyway, time to start over.
i finally got my shit together and got some seeds going today. last year, i think i was about a month early. this year, i'm probably a month late. maybe i'll get it right next year...


aji lemon drop
aji painapple
Aji Ahuachapan
aji fantasy yellow
aji jobito
bishop's crown
jimmy nardello
Naga Smooky Rainbow

papa dreadie sb
scotch bonnet whp
Elysium Oxide SB
Elysium Oxide SB (mustard)

bahamian goat
scotch brains
7 pot brain strain yellow
klee lab garden gem
green zebra
Tasty Evergreen
Mexican Midget
italian heirloom
lemon drop
black krim
Cherokee Purple

Brandywine (Sudduth)
bolded names are cultivars i'm growing for the first time :)
i did a 1-2 hour H2O2 soak (undiluted 3% from grocery store), and now a 24 hour spring water soak is in progress. i've got them in little 0.5 fl oz condiment cups just like last year. tomorrow, i'll pour out the water and add a scrap of moist paper towel to each cup. then they'll go in my styrofoam cooler germination chamber described in the first post of my 2019 glog.
i think that this method of germination is a bit tedious. i'm out of time to experiment now, but i'd like to try some kind of new system next year. ideally something that cuts out at least one transplantation step.
one new thing i'd like to accomplish this year is automatic watering with drip emitters.
thanks for looking :)


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I did a quick search and found a picture of the roots on your reaper from June of last year.  I'm sure it was even more impressive after another summer of growth.
Good luck in 2020, sinensis.  I'll be particularly interested in seeing how the  Aji Ahuachapan does for you.


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Welcome to 2020, Rick.
Nice selection of Aji varieties.