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I thought about not doing a GLOG this year but have decided to "just do it". My grow will be much less this year with no super hots planted(although there are a few previous plants still going). Most new plants will be Jalapenos and various pheno's of PeppaPeach as those are the ones that I consume massive amounts of.
This old pick of days gone by will be my lead pic for this years GLOG. I have several new ones taken since Jan 1, and I will be posting them as I get time until I am caught up.


OK now, everyone get out there and produce some peppers.


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Here are the new plants going so far. And, I do plan to cull the extras(if I have the strength).
First is what MAY be large orange jalapenos. These are from my saved seeds. I believe these are a variant I got when I had planted Jalapeno Lemon Spice seeds.


Next are some big Cherry Bombs, also from my saved seeds. I believe these were originally packaged incorrectly as I had all the plants from one Biker Billy Jalapeno seed pack grow these, and they were wonderful large cherry bombs.


Also from MY saved seed are these PeppaPeach Stripeys. I started getting the striped pods 2 years ago from seeds planted for the Regular PeppaPeach. As I'm also in the PeppaPeach Stripey Growdown we'll see which produce the "stripeyest"(sp?) pods. I'm hoping for lots of pods either way.


And then there are these, that look fairly new, but they are not. Three Equadorian Sweet Rocoto plants. They have been outside in these cups since last September, they survived not one but two hurricanes and two near freezes(33°f). As you can see tey are stunted badly for being five to six months old. I have dragged them in under the lights to see if I can give them a bump to get going!



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It will be fun to compare your own PeppaPeach stripeys with the ones from the current Growdown. Chris Fowler might end up with more seeds than he hopes for 😅


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We use the metric system. 😉 How big is your quarter compared to our 50 eurocent coin? Can we measure these monsters in °Celcius?


For F > ºC, google "X fahrenheit to celsius", with X the number you want to convert. As a US-outsider, I remember that 32 F = 0ºC, and that 90 F = 32ºC. If the temperature is higher or lower than that, the board is full of complaints ;)