for-sale Small plants for sale!

ALL PLANTS NOW SOLD! Thank you to all my customers!

I had some shipping blunders last season, but in the end I developed a system that works very well!
Plants will be shipped either bare root, or with very minimal dirt.  I can ship up to 4 plants for $6.10, or any higher amount for $10.
Plants are $2 each.  In a few weeks I may bump this up a little as they get larger, so buy them all up now!
Most of these plants are still very short, with about 2-4 sets of true leaves.  The root structure is pretty large for their size though.
I will list them by 1020 tray.  There are 8 inserts per tray, and each insert has a different type of pepper in it for your reference.  Also, many types have more than 1 seedling per cell, so you might get some freebies depending on which ones you buy.  I will always ship the healthiest/largest looking plants first.  So again, make sure you order early!
I will update as often as I can to denote current stock.
The plants will be listed by tray-number.  So 1-8 will be tray 1, insert 8.  They will be in the following order on the trays if you want to look at specifically what you will be getting on the pics.
1-1  1-5     2-1  2-5
1-2  1-6     2-2  2-6
1-3  1-7     2-3  2-7
1-4  1-8     2-4  2-8   etc...
So here we go!

1-1  7 Pot Brainstrain Chocolate     2 Available
1-2  7 Pot Brainstrain Yellow     3 Available
1-3  Butch T Reaper (BTR)     ALL SOLD
1-4  Bhutlah Chocolate     ALL SOLD
1-5  7 Pot Brainstrain Orange     3 Available
1-6  7 Pot Lava     ALL SOLD
1-7  Bhut Jolokia Peach     3 Available
1-8  Bahamian Goat     ALL SOLD
2-1  Aji Mango     1 Available
2-2  Aji Peruvian     1 Available
2-3  Aji Limon     1 Available
2-4  Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion     4 Available
2-5  Aji Habanero     2 Available
2-6  Aji Pineapple     ALL SOLD
2-7  CGN 21500     1 Available
2-8  Peter Pepper Red     3 Available
3-1  Fatalii Chocolate     3 Available
3-2  Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw     1 Available
3-3  Habanero Caribbean Red     3 Available
3-4  Habanero White Bullet     3 Available
3-5  Fatalii Yellow     3 Available
3-6  Fatalii Cream     2 Available
3-7  Habanero Red Savina     ALL SOLD
3-8  Habanero Yellow Bullet     5 Available

4-1  Jalapeno Farmers Market     3 Available
4-2  Jalapeno Billy Biker     4 Available
4-3  Scorpion Ice Cream     4 Available
4-4  Scorpion Red     3 Available
4-5  Jalapeno Titan     3 Available
4-6  Jalapeno Giant     3 Available
4-7  Moruga Scorpion Red     3 Available
4-8  Tepin X Lemon Drop     4 Available
5-1  Scotch Bonnet MOA Red     4 Available
5-2  Habanero Chocolate     3 Available
5-3  Scorpion Chocolate     4 Available
5-4  Devil's Tongue Yellow     ALL SOLD
5-5  Empty
5-6  Empty
5-7  Big Black Mama     ALL SOLD
5-8  Habanero Black Stinger     2 Available
6-1  Empty
6-2  Empty
6-3  Empty
6-4  7 Pot Bubblegum Chocolate (might be a Purple Jalapeno)     1 Available
6-5  7 Pot Brainstrain Red     1 Available
6-6  7 Pot Borg 9 Red (might be Bleeding Borg 9 Red)     ALL SOLD
6-7  Empty
6-8  Chocolate Primo Reaper (CPR)     1 Available
So essentially you are saying I can get 4 plants shipped to me for the low price of $14.10, just want to ensure I am understanding this right.... I am way behind this season haven't even sowed a single seed might need to jump at this opportunity...

Buy 10 plants, I pick the varieties. No specific plant requests. Wait 1 week for shipment.

$25 shipped.

You can request "No Jalapeños" if you wish. You can also request that I send 2 of each variety, or a couple sets and a few individuals. Just PM and ask for the special! Also feel free to add additional plants at the normal price. I will not send duplicates unless you ask for them!

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They came!!!!! Three of them look a little dried out, hopefully they make it. The other two are happy and healthy looking! Considering they came and went from/to the opposite corners of the continent, I am happy they made it! Hopefully in a few months I will have some gnarly Red Savina's to harvest.
Thanks Steven!!!!!
Scovie, I apologise that the 3 look so famished. They should turn around though. Luckily the 2 you originally ordered made it very nicely it appears.

Bml, very glad to hear. I hope they continue to thrive in your garden!

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Scuba_Steve said:
Looking very nice! Glad you got them separated so nicely. Enjoy!
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A few of them were hard to separate and I ended up cutting the roots but I'm confident most will survive fine and poke some new roots out soon.

A+ packing job btw. Really ingenious.
Very glad to hear OCD! Enjoy!

Justosomo, thanks. I take pride in my packing. It literally takes me about 30-45 minutes just to make the box inserts for each order.

I used to use more tape, but packaging tape in close proximity to delicate plants is difficult. I much prefer my tapeless approach now!

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Went out and checked on the plants today. I pulled one that wasn't doing to good, but that's my fault. Aji Pinapple. Thanks again.


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