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Small stunted plants w/ thick stems and small fruit?

Hello pepper people,
I'm a little confused whether i am over/under fertilizing or over/under watering or even something different....
Some plants are like the title says, small and stunted but thick stems and small fruit, some seem a little pale too.
I have given them fertilizer so i'm reluctant to give more, so any help is appreciated. 
I can upload some pictures in a few days if that would help.
Thanks. :)
What do you think i am right about? :lol:
They are in the ground so it's a little difficult to change the soil, but i guess i can if that's needed.
Sorry my mistake , I just read over fertilizing .
I think over fertilizing and/or over watering . The roots don't spread as well as it should .
Small rootball , smaller plant . If you look at my grows and glogs , I believe that good root developement leads to bigger better plants.
How is your soil.?