Smiley's build a box.. 40 for mfrb 60 for lfrb ~closed~

I made a large pull today and you can build your own box


Yellow primo
Not seipa serpent
Red dog
UMCD only a few
Not yellow nagas (Chris Phillips)
Douglah x ts f4
Douglah x ts f5
Daisy cutter
Defcon 7
Chocolate naga brain
Yellow billy boy douglah
Cornish naga
Burmese naga
Off pheynotype chocolate bhutlah
Off pheynotype red bhutlah
Chocolate scorpion

I don't care how we do it but once a variety is gone I'll change it so you know..$15 for sfrb, $40 for MFRBs or $60 for lfrbs.

Mfrb = 6+ boxes lfrb = 10+
That's a damn beautiful sight to behold!  Just can't put into words how awesome that table full of pods looks lol, beautiful doesn't cut it.  I can't wait to get my box!  Thanks for making these available smileyguy, I've been looking for seeds from some of these for quite awhile and now I can have seeds to grow next year but also be able to taste these babies right away. Damn I love THP, if I hadn't found this place or if it didn't exist I probably would have never heard about most of these awesome crosses and varieties that mad geniuses seem to be releasing/finding everyday. I wouldn't have such an extensive grow list for 2015 without some of the people here. Also wouldn't be able to interact with a bunch of insane chileheads like myself without THP and the THP community. Just so many awesome and generous people here
Sold and offer closed.. If anyone wants pods before my next listing send a pm and I'm sure i can pick more. A few boxes just sold and I'm going to powder and make mash out of the rest..

Beware of Dog..... Red Dog, that is!  Nice pods,  "Uncle" Mike   :lol:    

Lmao! Vidal got some and says the exact same thing. Told me that the lipstick looked innocent.. Pfft.. Changed his mind quick.

LMFAO!!! That damn red dog was brutal!! Not really that hot, but it did destroy my stomach!

Shit that pooch looked harmless so yeah BEWARE THE RED DOG!