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Soap Opera

Pot calling the kettle black.........why all the drama? Then start threads like this.

I think old Ocho likes the attention, otherwise why start these types of threads.

are you a good guy or a bad guy Ocho, tell us. You seem to have everyone labeled.
The "drama" threads do serve a purpose IMO.. Tho I never read them unless pointed to them by a friend.
I make mental notes of the people involved,,that gives me a good standard of who I want to be friends with,share with etc..
Am I alone in noticing that most of the posters in these threads have been in the hobby for 3-4 or less years?
Most of these people havent a clue as to who the most revered growers in this hobby really are!
Crush a bit ,, little bit
the drama is. 
when you as (Ocho Cinco) reach a conclusion that there are sides/parts in this place. 
how did you end up publishing the findings of you 4 years dissertation   that Judy is on one side and Ed, Mike on the other?
how did you collect, analyze, your data in chapter 3 of your dissertation. 
before reporting your findings  in chapter 5 of your dissertation, you must make sure the published info is valid   
in your case the info of "two side pepper community" is not valid. which means it is useless and cannot be considered for future references. 
away from college.
with respect to you, you are pretty new "Member Since 08 Jul 2013"
what you DONT know is that. me and mike are LONG ASS time friends WAY before you even join this place 
so the simple recommendation in this don't jump to conclusions and complain about drama you actually made it up bzc it does not exist
after being here for few years
here is 101 THP rule...
spend more time learning from others than trying to teach them. some are here before i was born (i.e. Alabama Jack and old Dan (THP), maybe Scoville too lol)
use your body correctly (two ears,one mouth)
now dont be jumping to conclusions that judy is on one side and Ocho Cinco is on another... show me the border line/ state line that separates us so i cross it and be on your side 
i love you Ocho Cinco, but you are moving too fast. slow down