trade Some varieties for trade...

Hi everyone! 😀

I bought some seeds (list below) from MK (mikelsimon) but because of misunderstanding they duplicated my order, now I have these extra seeds and would like to exchange them with other varieties.

-7 Pot Barrackpore Red
-7 Pot Chaguanas Yellow
-7 Pot Douglah
-Aji Amarillo
-Aji Challuaruro
-Aji Monagre
-Bhut Jolokia Chocolate
-Big Jamaican
-Billy Goat
-Bonda Ma Jacques
-Burkina Yellow
-Chilhuacle Yellow
-Condor's Beak
-Evergreen Pepper (Not 7 Pot Evergreen)
-Hangjiao #3 Solar Flare
-Jamaican Yellow Mushroom
-Maldivian Heart x Purple Bhut
-Pimiento D'espelette
-Rocoto Costa Rica Red
-Scotch Bonnet Papa Joe
-Scotch Bonnet Safi
-Trinidad Scorpion Red
-Trinidad Scorpion Yellow

I also have the varieties below that are local peppers (some are semi-wild) used in brazilian everyday dishes

[C. baccatum]

-Cambuci (similar to Bishop's Crown)
-Dedo de Moça
-Dedo de Moça (large variety)

[C. chinense]

-Biquinho Iracema
-Biquinho Yellow
-Biquinho Salmon
-Bode Red
-Bode Yellow
-Cheiro Doce
-Cheiro Lupita
-Cumari do Pará

[C. frutescens]




what am i looking for...?

I'm looking for wild or semi-wild varieties but I'm also open to any varieties that I haven't grown yet. 🙂


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Hi Alex...I'll be happy to send you some wilds/semi-wilds that I grew...after the Holidays.
Merry Xmas to you & your family.