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Someone here threatened me.

What's impolite and rude is assuming you know what we do. In other words be careful on speaking about others business when you know nada about them. Only makes you look like the arse. Mike was not threatening you. He said Be careful... You dishing something out as a businessman, can come back and bite ya in the keister.

Sicman - when ya find some meds... Hook a woman up!

The Hot Pepper

mmcdermott1_thehothalf said:
You dishing something out as a businessman, can come back and bite ya in the keister.
Oh yeah he's new in the seed biz. This makes much more sense now. Words against other companies can definitely come back to bite you!
You nailed it. I was thinking he was speaking as a consumer but he has posted he is new in the seed biz.
ajdrew, I would also advise you to be careful of what you say, especially entering the seed biz! Aren't you the one who asked if it was cutthroat and wondered why it's not a community? Isn't this hypocrisy?

ajdrew said:
The Hot Pepper - You getting it freaks me out because you are essentially saying that I just walked into a business of cut throats.  Seriously?  So far, althought there are a few people offering bad reviews, most everyone I have met seem like the nicest folk around.
You don't seem to be making friends in your posts about these vendors. 
ajdrew said:
MM said: "I simple said watch when you talk shit about companies you know nothing about (slander)."

Well OK then, it was a legal threat not a physical threat.  In that case, there is something you really need to know.  The word you are looking for is 'libel', not 'slander'.  Was reading about another grower that likes to throw those words around backwards.  Seems to be a thing with certain growers.  Good luck with that guy.

But seriously, I was not trashing on you or your business at all.  I was commenting on a youtube video in support of the way people like you grow out in the open / not in green houses.  No clue why you went all Kung Fu Panda.  Maybe you quit smoking reciently.  Maybe your wife has been treating you poorly.  I hear she is mean too.

What ever the case, i was all friendly and you were all mean.  You are mean.  Done.  Now go wash your mouth out with soap, do some push ups or something.  Try to avoid the wife, she is snake like from what I hear.
Slander: the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation
In other words, if your statement causes loss of profit to myself or Ed and your statement is incorrect (which it is) that is called slander and you are liable. 
And by the way..watch what you say about the wife and in case you can't figure it out..and apparently you can't, the "snake" comment was made by a MAJOR friend of ours.it was a joke moron.
And do more pushups? What the hell does that mean? lol. You will have to explain that one to me, I guess I am getting slow in my older age :)
And by the way..watch what you say about the wife and in case you can't figure it out..and apparently you can't, the "snake" comment was made by a MAJOR friend of ours.it was a joke moron.
Yeah I couldn't figure out if he was serious or making a really bad attempt at a joke. Either way, totally uncalled for when he's a complete stranger and doesn't know either of you. I've honestly been wondering if he's been trolling this entire time. Threatened? Really?
Hot Pepper - It is still a threat and I did nothing mean.  I was discussing the video and what the person on the video said.  I did not attack a company, I was saying possibive things about the person on the video.  So guy on the video sees it and gets all bent out of shape as if I am talking bad about him.  He should have been nice and said, uh guy those things you are saying only apply to the video not the whole of my business.

Instead, he went about threatening me.  Nothing to work out.  He is a mean hot head who ought to learn some manners and be polite in public.  Now that I know his threat was an impotent legal one, I can ignore him completely.
Ok Scott, I had to fix up Jen with a missing tooth   :rofl:
and for those that dont understand jokes..yes THAT'S A JOKE..she actually has very nice teeth  :dance:

see! :)

The Hot Pepper

Let's chalk this up to a misunderstanding if we can.
There are plenty of relationships that got off on the wrong foot.
ajdrew, it's a tight-knit community so when you talk about a grower chances are s/he is a member even if they don't post a lot. You may want to ask questions before you state facts about other growers. I have no idea if you are right or wrong with what you stated, but you are new in the seed biz so don't burn potential bridges. We are all in this together.
Happy and Prosperous New Year!
Y'all need to go to bed and come back tomorrow. This thread sucks. And should be locked.
Not long after I got here someone did something I didn't like and was very inapropriate. And I gave them shit for a couple weeks when ever I got a chance, which I shouldn't have done. But I didn't want to report it because they were a long time respected member And I felt there was a good chance they may be banned had I reported them. Anyhow over time I got over it, and realized I actually like the person I had that funk with and am glad I didn't try to get them in trouble or banned. Things get said in the heat of the moment. Sometimes we should be patient and get to know each other. You may find a friend in what you thought was a enemy.
Anyway these are my feelings when i see this shit.
IMO this is way worse than another thread turning into a Baker bashing. Nothing is worse than infighting like this. :mope:


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ajd you've been misinterpreted and taken offense to the responses.  let's put out the fires and chalk this up to some meds and misunderstood internet text and move on shall we?