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Something made holes in my peppers

Can anyone identify what made these holes and how I can try to prevent it from happening again?

Wustenfuchs said:
The one on the right in the top photo looks like it has a turtle bite!  I'm guessing a bird is the culprit.
I'd say parrot but, but global warming is not bad enough for Toronto to have parrots yet that I know of.
The little triangles says birds, look beneath the pepper for little pieces

They poke in for the seeds, then figure out the heat
i was looking for snail slim but couldn't see any. i have had mice chew the ends of a fresno pod and they just go for the tips then buggar off once the heat kicks in.
what about those ugly green caterpillars with the hook on their tails? it looks like something only ate what could fit in its stomach or had time to eat until light appeared.
maybe go to the dollar store and pick up some sticky traps.
good luck with that and i hope all gets cleared up before your whole harvest gets touched.
I agree.  Looks like birds.  They look as if they've been pecked into, rather than chewed by a bug.
We put up mylar streamers and pinwheels (like you would use for a kids birthday party) in the organic garden to repel birds.  Anything shiny that moves in the wind and/or makes noise should do the trick.