business Sourcing Pods Year Round?


Just as many others on here, I have been growing superhots and hobby sauce making for many years. Every year friends and family urge me to to stop being scared and take the leap into business.

I'm pre-venture currently, gathering all my data, staring legal, and creating a business plan for the next 6m, 1yr, 3yr, etc. But I have run into an inventory dilemma.

All my Sauces have always been homegrown from seed to bottle. But that is 100% not scalable nor sustainable for me.

How do you all source your superhots year round for Sauces? I know I can use dried pods but it just isn't the same.

Any guidance for this newbie on sourcing inventory would be greatly appreciated.


- Randy
Commercial mash. Louisiana Pepper Exchange is an option. They have many options, peppers, vinegar, salt... contact them directly for a fall order. Maybe you can order 5 gallon buckets with your ratio of salt or vinegar or none....and then repackage the gallons into the freezer. If the mash has enough salt/vinegar that it doesnt have to be refrigerated, then good to go!

If you want to use fresh type peppers, contract with growers. It might be too late in the season to ask them for specific varieties. There are a number of commercial growers, send me a PM....or is it a DM now?....if you need references.

Frozen is next best to fresh for year round..
They can grow for you and ship fresh ripe peppers in the fall. You just have to be available and prepared to process them. Wash trim...i give the fresh peppers a rough chop (or totally blenderize to you finsl desired consistency), and then package and freeze. I try to package in the amount needed per batch. I have used 16oz cottage cheese (salsa) tubs and up to 2 gallon ziploc freezer bags.

Freezer bags fit more in the freezer.

If this is for a commercial venture, you need to make sure the frozen product is in a separate and secure freezer, apart from your domestic freezer. the fall...I processed over 500 pounds of fresh peppers. About 50/50 frozen and dehydrated.

Hope this helps. Good Luck and Have Fun!!!