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Southwestern Egg Rolls a la Chiles

My daughters recently took me to Chile's restaurant - we had their southwestern egg rolls as an appetizer.  I liked them and decided that I could probably make them myself.  Here they are (sorry but I didn't take any in process pictures)
Ingredients:  buddy's version of spicy shredded chicken (picture below from some burritos I recently made), cilantro, corn, black beans, red bell peppers, serranos, green onion, garlic, Monterey jack cheese, queso fresco, tortillas.  Also made a chipotle/ranch dipping sauce.
The chicken (from a previous post) - all of the spices (cumin, chile powder, etc.) are in this mixture:

Made them last night and froze:

The dipping sauce:

Out of the deep fryer:

Ready to go:

I have 5 more in the freezer.  I will make these again!  Thanks for looking.


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Awesomeness! Did you freeze them to prevent them from unfurling in the frier?

I had a Philly cheesesteak egg roll recently that was out of this world.
This thread brings back a lot of memories.
Back when I was living in Anchorage, AK the grocery store at that time was Carr's (later bought by Safeway). 
My local was on the corner of Minnesota and Spenard.
They had an awesome deli, killer sushi, and other Asian fare, as well as a whole host of other
yum yum's, wham wham's, and zu zu's.
And they had incredible chimichanga's too.
Filled with spicy bbq.
Best chimi's I've ever eaten.
I've done a hack on them more than a few times but can't seem to come close
to the goodnessessess.
Buddy, those look 'zactly like the ones at Chiles!  I like them too so I can taste them as I look at yours.  Well done my friend!  I love to try to hack things I find in restaurants too, but I am rarely as successful as you have been here.