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⌘ Spicegeist 2013 ⌘

Today we were walloped with a snowstorm in Southwest Virginia and since I was taking some pics of the snow I thought I'd also get started with sharing my pepper progress.

My 2013 selection:

C. chinense
Red Bhuts
Yellow Bhuts
Choco Bhuts
TS Morouga Blend
TS Butch T
7 Pot Barrackpore
7 Pot Brain Strain
7 Pot Yellow
Choco Hab
Pimenta Morango
Yellow Congo
Pimenta da Neyde
Cumari do Para

C. annuum
Sonoran Chiltepin
Vietnamese Tear Jerker
Peruvian Wild
Armac Chiltepin

C. galapagoense

C. chacoense
CAP 501

C. praetermissum
Cumari Pollux

C. baccatum
Uba Tuba

C. frutescens
Indiana Pequin
Duke Pequin
Donne Sali
Guam Boonie
Aji Chuncho
Piri Piri

C. parvifolium

C. pubescens
Rocoto Inca
Dino Pod

Choco Bhut x Douglah F1
Queen Laurie (C. baccatum) x Yellow Bhut F1
Aji Cristal (C. baccatum) x Brain Strain (C. chinense) F1
Sonoran Chiltepin x 7 Pot Barrackpore F1
CAP 501 (C. chacoense) x C. chinense F1
Pimenta da Neyde x Bhut F1 and F2
Douglah x Butch T
Aji Cristal (C. baccatum) x Cumari Pollux (C. praetermissum) F1
Locato x CGN19198
Florida Wild x C. chinense F1
Duke Pequin x Pimenta da Neyde
Duke Pequin x Bhut
Wiri Wiri x Bhut

Outside today:

Pots for later on:

Pimenta da Neyde x Bhut F2... I wasn't counting on purple being so dominant here, will have to pick a few from these to grow out:

Here are some of my 2013 treasures.

I was able to start four C. galapagoenses (they didn't all come up on the same date):




Some special crosses I made in 2011:

Aji Cristal (C. baccatum) x Brain Strain (C. chinense) F1:

Queen Laurie (C. baccatum) x Yellow Bhut Jolokia (C. chinense) F1:
I'm thinking he claimed that pod, better not mess with him....
Cool looking pods you have there, so you create all these crosses?
Thanks for the seed offer! I'm just starting to grow the hotter peppers (first year) and am trying to figure out which taste best and how to use them.
Take care!
I grew this last year, but turned them into powder after dehydrating.  Just ate half of one just now, the mouth was ready the insides weren't, but with a steady supply of ice water I survived.  For a minute I thought it was going to come up, but thankfully the pepper gods spared me.
All hail the Trinidad Scorpion Morouga Blend:
JoynersHotPeppers said:
If you see any of the stuff I am growing this year and want seed, just holla!
Thanks Chris, I'm leaning on focusing on bhut and naga types for my 2014 at this point...
Devv said:
#1 on 394!
Outstanding crosses you have going there, look forward to the taste portion :onfire:
Thanks Devv.  The Cumari do Para cross tastes very similar to the C do P mother, just a bit bigger, basically that strong yellow chinense flavor.  The Bhut cross also has bhut-flavor, but the pod is more substantial than a bhut.  As for the cristal x pollux, I love the crunchiness and the taste of these.  If you've had the Aji Cristal, it's similar, but more of an earthy flavor and a bit more heat.
Donne Sali:

On the same plant:

Sun scald on a Choco Bhut x Douglah pod:

Piri Piri:

The C. frutescens do not thrive in shade like C. chinense does.
Color transition on CAP 501 x Bhut (C. chacoense x C. chinense):

Inside of a Choco Bhut x Douglah.  It is not entirely covered with placenta like a Brain Strain or a TS Morouga, but where it is, the capsaicin oozes.  Has the bhut aroma, but more of a throat burn than I recall a choco bhut having.
In natural light:

Up close of placenta under fluorescent:
Now ya tell me, ive got one C. Frutescens in the cover of a tree and only receives late afternoon sun... Im guessing i need to dig it up and move it then... Btw heres your bump...