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wine Spicy pumpkin wine

Started for family pumpkin carving party 2017

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Greenguru said:
yes started  Sept 18 2017 its bubbling. pulp is out after 6 days first rack in day or two I be looking at the Gravity and stop it at the Alcohol percent I am after unknown as of now.
OK, gotcha. I've made plenty of wine, mead, and beer. I guess the mason jar threw me off. I've always bottled, corked, and aged my wine and mead. I'll have to try to make a pumpkin wine sometime. Thanks for sharing!
Thegreenchilemonster said:
OK, gotcha. I've made plenty of wine, mead, and beer. I guess the mason jar threw me off. I've always bottled, corked, and aged my wine and mead. I'll have to try to make a pumpkin wine sometime. Thanks for sharing!
little misleading my BAD, the jar its fermenting on my counter but i refuse to trash the bit i pulled, because to much when fruit was added, to lazy to add after bags got removed LOL
Racket it 5 gallon plus little oh my the little jar sample has cleared a lot. This first rack we are hurry up and wait.

Any tips on clearing after fermentation ends just the gallon , time will clear the larger batch . I hope!

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Burning Colon said:
i've done rhubarb wine but that is where i would draw the line on anything other than berries or fruit.
my french canadian mother-in-law made me a bottle of carrot wine 15 years ago......it is still in the basement unopened.
hope your wine has plenty of flavour.
First time spiced Wine, did a pumpkin beer my first pumpkin spiced anything was lacking flavor, this gallon sample of wine was very dry and lacking Flavor also until I back sweetened the gallon after I cold crashed and racked it few time and again just a gallon off the main Batch few years to go on rest of batch   


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You've got one that I have never tried making. About eight years into the hobby, I've tried many fruits with varied success. Luckily, I've got a friend in the food business who gives me fruit (when it "exceeds profitability" in the stores - aka going bad) and I make wine with it. A cool combination that costs me only time, sugars and yeast. As a recent addition to this forum, I ask have you ever done banana or tomato? Both sound a bit horrible, but they do have a great flavor when they come out right. I don't use sulfates, so I let the yeast terminate from the alcohol content which of course yields very potent product. The tomato with high acidity actually finishes akin to a citrus. Most folks I offer it to are reserved when I say it's tomato wine, but if I share it without them knowing what it is, they are usually pleased, can't quite make out the flavor (a lot believe it is a kiwi or other similar fruit.) As odd as it sounds, it is good. I've got 15 gallons going currently.  I will let one batch go dry and back sweeten the other two before bottling.
I entered a local home-brewers competition a few years back with the banana wine and ended #10 of 19 (I was the only wine dude amongst beer brewers.)  If you care to see here is the link http://beerengineersupply.com/BrewHaHa_Homebrewers.php
I applaud your efforts and I think I might attempt pumpkin myself. Any tips on the process would be appreciated.


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I guess the link worked after all, or someone figured it out - thanks ********* for pointing out that I was #10 of 21. I sold myself a bit short.  I am very interested still on the final result of your pumpkin wine, the pics looked very clear. Absent any chemical additives/finishers  (which I abhor) it looks like a great batch. Wonderful color. Good run Greenguru?
I have been off and on for 23 years playing and mixing my best ones are since My quit drinking it really ages now much nicer now of course Jackkellar has many many recipes and the add ins are important in the fruit wine I do a fruit concentrate mix wine for cooking wine just looking to turn a batch to vinegar for cooking and flavor.  
Pineapple wine I did was so smooth 2.5 years and after 5 racks that was a learning trip, hard wine to make that pineapple stuff

This Spiced Pumpkin wine clearing by way of yeast playing out of sugars.