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Stay Tuned, I'm BACK

Well folks, let's try this again.
I wonder why I do this, am I a glutton for punishment? Do I really need all of this? The world will never know. I believe it is time well spent and I enjoy it. So here goes.

Last year was a bust, took some time off and regrouped. This year, I have a master plan. We will see what unfolds from here. No photos and no list yet just because I am putting the soaked seeds in the dirt in the AM. There are 14 on the list right now but that number is expected to double, if not triple. I am awaiting seeds from different sources and they will be added to the list. Once I have a few minutes and everything in front of me, I will finalize () my list and post it.
Wish me luck, this year should be exciting. Stay tuned for much more to come.


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What Neil and Matty said   :)
Looking forward to seeing what
you come up with, Alex!
:cheers:  Here's to a great season for you!
The_NorthEast_ChileMan said:
Hey, we're in similar USDA hardiness Zones, good luck!
You in the mass/Nh area? I am in western NY, and I used to live out in Farmington CT. Never grew anything out there but the weather is very similar.
Well let's do a little update. Here is my starting tray. Very boring so far. Nothing popping, but that's fine seeing as I just put them in the dirt yesterday morning. This is the first starting tray of 2 or 3. Depends on what comes in and what else I decide to go with this year. So far I have 16 varieties. They are in a seed starting tray, light will be hung tomorrow or Saturday, heat mat on low keeping soil temp between 75°-85° once the light is hung, the tray will be going into a wood frame with Christmas lights under it, keeps the soil at a nice steady temp of around 80°
Variety: planted: hooks:
7 Pot Gigantic SR Chocolate 8 0
Thai bird chili 12 0
Aji Lemon Drop (throwdown '17) 12 0
Scorch bonnet MoA 12 0
7 Pot Brain Red 8 0
CGN21500 2 0
Chocolate Habanero 12 0
Pumpkin Habanero 4 0
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion 12 0
Chocolate Ghost 8 0
Orange Copenhagen Ghost 10 0
Rainforest 12 0
Yellow Manzano 12 0
Carolina Reaper 12 0
Cayenne 4 0
Sweet California 4 0

So far that is 144 possible plants. Not expecting all of them to come up. I'm planning for between 300 and 350 plants for the plot we have already. Going to be putting in corn, pumpkins, tomatoes, and a few other veggies as well. Orchard will be a few years in the making. Not going to be huge but we are going to hopefully have a couple acres of veggies and at least an acre of fruit trees for a little stand and personal use.


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Same thing I used my first year with good results, it's a t5 dual bulb coral set up. 16 on, 8 off. It works well for apartment life. Still house hunting. I'm sure I'll have a permanent growroom/germinating set up when we find a house we can afford and my credit improves a little more.
I totally understand that..something we went through for a couple years. Now I am alwasy bloody broke from being house poor...well having 2 kids in that time sure didn't help either.
Really whatever works should be just fine anyways...think everyone would love to have new flashy top of the line stuff..but really who cares if it does the job you need it for.
True story man. When I built the enclosure 2 years ago for my first grow, I had 2 boys, we have since moved twice, will be moving again soon but we are working on our 4th kid. 3 boys so far, this one we don't know yet. I'm figuring on starting a full fledged farm to keep everyone fed HAHAHAHA the t5 does great for what I need it to do, it heats, its bright and since it's made for vegetation in a way anyways, I figured it would work, and to my satisfaction it performed very well.i will be posting photos once it is up and running.
I just looked the quantum boards up on Amazon, looks like a lot of cash to cover a relatively small area. One was 2 boards and covered a 4x4 area. Have any suggestions on the better ones to look into? I use the t5 for a few reasons. I swapped a kid a husky work light for it so it was basically free. I bought the work light for 10 bucks. It is a good source of hear as well as light and it's somewhat on the cheaper side to run it. But I am going to be upgrading a lot of stuff in the next couple years.
Certainly do a TON of research Alex before hand, then you will have a good idea what your after when your ready to rock. I really wish I had done more and did waste abit of money before I settled on the strip lights. Now I have not grown a thing yet with them but each shelf came in about $40CDN and they are bright as hell.
If your handy at all you can build some pretty solid COB lights that are pretty effecient and can be done much cheaper these days. All sorts of new chips that don't require any drivers now and even solderless attaching the power source connections.
In the end like I mentioned above whatever you can get to work at a cost that is good for you is what matters really....Does not have to be prettty nor top end effciency but just work and grow what you want.
Those quantum boards are pretty solid and do have higher end SMD's on them...Peter Stanley has a great grow video using them. IF and I say only IF you could afford something like that they are worth the cost for sure.
Well light is hung and these guys seemed to have come up over night. I have 6 of my lemon drops up out of 12. Hoping to see more soon. The soil may look a bit wet, this is due to spraying the top with a little hydrogen peroxide diluted because I saw a little mold growth on the surface of the soil in 2 pods. The clear lid will be on until I see a few more hooks then it will come off. I am running the light for 16 hours during the day and the heat pad for 8 hours at night.

I received a generous package from CraftyFox the other day containing a few seeds that I am excited to grow out. Also awaiting a few more deliveries from other trades. Once everything is in, I will be finalizing my grow list for the year.probably next weekend.
Thanks for looking and happy growing


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A few more hooks this morning. A couple bird's eye and a scotch bonnet popping up and people say hookers are bad


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Every morning I turn the light back on (gotta get a new timer) I look for new ones popping it's fun. This is the exciting part of the beginning. After this it's the fork, then bark, then flowers then pods HAHAHAHAA it's almost as fun as watching a kid from up lol, the plants don't talk back though.
I have finalized my grow list. It's kinda short this year. I will type it up tomorrow. In more news, I have more hooks, some that are full on sprouts and I'm stoked. Have a great night everyone.
Here it is folks, my 2019 grow list *finalized* I have a few peppers that I can not classify as I can not find them anywhere online besides in our forums, so if you could help me out with them that would be awesome. I tried my best to keep everything in its correct type.

C. Chinense:
Trinidad Moraga Scorpion
Brown Moruga ( TMS Chocolate?)
Carolina Reaper X Scorpion
Chocolate Reaper
Bhut Jolokia Orange Copenhagen
Bhut Jolokia Chocolate
Bhut Jolokia (red)
Chocolate Habanero
Pumpkin Habanero
Red Savina
Savory T (Heatless Habanero)
Dorset Naga
7 Pot Gigantic SR Chocolate
7 Pot Brain Red
MoA Scotch Bonnet
Yaki Brown
Leviathan Gnarly Scorpion
Bahamian Beast Red F3
Cleos Dragon X
CGN 21500
B. Hopson Tribute**

C. Annuum:
Tam Jalepeno
Early Jalepeno
Farmers Market Jalepeno
Italian Pepperoncini
Tequila Sunrise
Marconi Red
Hungarian Yellow Wax
Sweet Banana
Birds Eye
Sweet California

C. Baccatum:
Aji Lemon Drop
Brazilian Starfish (red)

C. Pubescens:
Costa Rican Yellow
Yellow Manzano

Can not classify:
Tepin X Lemon Drop
Peach Bleeder
Orange Turdcicle
Sri Lanka Chili Red

Note: this list may grow or shrink depending on what germinates and what does not make it to plant out. Will keep it as up to date as possible.

** The B. Hopson Tribute pepper is a variety that was grown by my step fathers grandfather the season before he passed away. It is not known what variety it is, but the seeds smelled like a super hot, and as most supers are Chinense, that's where I threw it. I will be hoping to keep these peppers true to what I'm putting in the dirt and not allowing OP. If you have any ideas, please let me know. Needs to be as cost efficient as possible. Thank you.