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stc's comeback down south grow...

Hey THP...been a while and much has changed for me and my family. We accepted orders to Charleston, SC and now reside in a small town just north of there called Moncks Corner. I haven't really had a grow in three years, so it is going to be nice getting back out in the dirt. My modest list thus far:
Red Brain Strain 7 pot:   coheed
Orange Brain Strain 7 pot: gnslngr
7 pot Monster Infinity: gnslngr
Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate: gnslngr
Charrapita Yellow
Primo X (my cross)
Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion
Jay's Red Ghost Scorpion
Bhut Orange Copenhagen
SB7J: Romy 6???
Naga Reaper
7 Pot Primo
7 Pot Barrackpore
Large Yellow Brain Strain
Yellow Bhut: Spicegeist
Yellow 7 Pot Primo: Romy 6
7 Pot Rennie
Brown Moruga
Butch T
Douglah x Butch T: gnslngr
Yellow Cardi Scorpion: Romy6
I sowed 3 seeds each for these varieties, but expect some no shows. Many of these seeds are almost 10 years old. My grow setup will be two grow tents with 300w Mars Hydro LED lights on the seedlings and as they get bigger they will graduate to 600w Mars Hydros. My main garden this year will be in straw bales, but I may keep a few indoors under lights all season. 
The Baccatum and Annuum lists to follow...
I've missed growing and the THP community.
Another busy week capped off by a nice harvest...Everything is producing good numbers now. 









Shane, buddy!  Hope all is well. The forum isn't
the same without your carefully crafted photo
essays and commentary!
Also, please PM me your addy!