raised-bed Steralizing raised beds?

I have been having some bad leaf spot issues, and i am harvesting a few, but not many... 1 or 2 a plant. Since it has cooled a few degrees, they are growing a lil better, but still messed up. So I am not going to leave anything in the beds, and was wondering how to get them back to good shape. There 4x8 so not huge. I was thinking of just covering them with some Rolled roofing for a couple months to cook um... think it'll work, or is there something I need to put down to stop this bacterial leaf spot. I am SOL on many of my favorite varieties since this apparently seed borne no saving seed for next year...
You can use hydrogen peroxide to sterilize the soil BUT it will also kill the beneficial microorganisms as well as the nasties. I would suggest NOT doing this and try controlling the leaf spot with a mixture of baking soda and water sprayed on the leaves first.
There is NO SUCH THING. Do not attempt to do this. Leaf spot occurs due to conditions. It is NOT something that can be controlled 100% Anyone who grows will encounter this NATURAL infection and colonization of bacteria and fungus. Grab some sulphur get to spraying, get it under wraps and move on with your life.

edit: OH! and all you guys and gals buying into the "seed bourne" theory, i feel bad for you. Disinformation and irrational practices will continue to serve as bud luck in your gardens. Seed bourne or not, leaf spot will forever be a part of NATURE. It is not something that will go away, rather it IS something that can be held at bay. There is NO seed or plant that if dissected and observed, will be free of these spores. Worry about other things....
I have a couple of trees in my yard that show up with it towards the end of the year--every year and I see it every year on a few leaves on my pepper plants. I don't give it a second thought anymore.
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I spray my beds with neem and a little dish soap cover with black plastic for a couple of months seems to help, still get it a llittle, some years not at all.
Well that's encouraging... i will just cover and let be, I have had spots, but not like plants tipping over like this year. I am not going to risk the seed, there's only Fatali and a few others, I was counting on a good crop for, Which I'm sure I can find here. I'm not freaking out, just if something needs to be done, I will still have time before next year.
You might try some Chitosan (google it); it's organic and a product of crab and shrimp shells. I've been using it for about a month now and so far so good. It's specifically for bad bacteria and nematodes and supposed to stimulate the good bacterias, etc. Can't hurt, Cheers.
Thanks for the read Red... i'm just about positive it has been cuz the warm wet/humid weather here. I have a few new plants stated in the lot next door, so hopefully they stay clean. I'll see what I can make happen for the nest 2-3 months, then I will pull and burn. Since it says it won't live long in the soil, I will cover for a couple months and hopefully have it cleared up before next season.