Storing whole pod in the fridge?

I thought I was being smart about this without checking first.
I decided to store whole pods in the fridge ... will the seeds get damaged?
All the pods are fully rip so a few of those were begging to get soft
I want to get the seeds out ti save them, but I did not want to go through the whole process of wearing gloves, storing the seeds, and labeling since I was rushing, so I said eff it.
just toss them all in the fridge to slow down the softening and decided to deal with it later.
Just realized it's been in there for 2 days
not sure if the fridge temps will damage the seeds 
Pretty sure seeds can be stored in the freezer. They might have to be completely dry to avoid cell rupture, but Im 99% sure that fresh seeds in the fridge will germinate normally.



According to my Garden baccatum and annum hold up better than Chinense to freezing. I get lots of volunteers in the spring but none are ever Chinense