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health Strange leaf coloring

Hello everybody! I'm having an issue with my indoor, hydroponically grown Jigsaw pepper plant. This is the first Jigsaw I've grown. The plant is beginning to show white markings on it's leaves. The marks do not wipe/rub off. The nutrient solution is Masterblend at 800 ppm with a PH right around 6. The full spectrum 1000 watt LED lights are on 14 hours a day and are 24 inches above the top of the plant. Ambient room temp is 70 degrees and the humidity is around 45%. Unfortunately I can't control the humidity right now. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance and have a Great Day!


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It's called variegation; nothing to worry about and it looks awesome btw ;)
Well alrighty! I'm very new to pepper growing and hadn't heard of that term. Thanks for your input! I can't wait to try these Jigsaw peppers. I've read that their heat level can vary from jalapeño hot to hotter than Habaneros. Should be interesting! 😁