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Strange New Pepper Found. Identification?

Hey guys, I was getting some fresh produce from a market here in Africa today and when I went to the guy who has all the peppers, he not only had the normal assortment of Scotch Bonnets, Fataliis, and Habaneros, he also had a few of these crazy looking peppers. All were as extremely gnarled as the one pictured below. It's red at the top, so I assume it's a red pepper. It's also really gnarly, so I assume it's very hot. Beyond these two facts I have no clue what it is, can any of you provide a more satisfactory identification?
Ruid said:
I'd like to see it ripened.
I'll try to post a picture of it when it's ripe, but I imagine that it will look just like it looks now with a red instead of green appearance (at least that's what past peppers have done).
I'll pick up some more tomorrow so I can see what different variations look like. Also when I eat this one I'll let you guys know how hot it was, the general flavor, wall thickness, etc. Hopefully this will help with the identification, which I'm super curious to find out.
UPDATE: Just checked the pepper this morning and it's definitely turning red all over. At the rate it's going now, in a few days it will be deep red all over.
Kennylay said:
Pretty sure some folks here wouldnt mind getting their hands on these, try asking the guy for some background on the pepper.
I could try, hopefully the seller himself knows what these are. Here in Africa it's very common for the marketer to have no clue about his produce haha.
Unfortunately I don't think I could ship these to anyone; I'm fairly certain it's illegal to ship any type of fresh produce outside of the country. If I could find out what it is then y'all could probably find seeds for them somewhere online though.
luvmesump3pp3rz said:
Very possible, I see a lot of similarities between the two. When I eat this pod I'll post if the flavor is similar to what the other person mentioned his tasting like. One big difference I do notice though is the general shape of the pod; both are very gnarly but his is very fat at the top tapering down to the bottom, while mine is fat toward the middle and more of a rotund shape in general.
Update on the appearance of the ripe pepper. Many of you wanted to see what it looks like when it's ripe, so I added a few pics below. My guess is that if the seller had left it on the plant longer it would have turned more red, but it certainly looks awesome the way it is!


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