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health Strange white bubbles on my peppers


I don't know if this answer could be trivial, but it's the first time that I plant peppers, so I still have a lot to learn.

I planted some peppers, and they seem to be in good health, except 2 of my 3 habanadas. They have some strange with bubbles on a lot of their leaves. In addition to that, they have a lot more leaves on the top of the plant than they have on the bottom.

Based on this article, I think that it could be some sort of extreme edema. Other people have suggested to me that it could be a symptom of mosaic virus. Can you help me confirm one of these theories or point me in the right direction?

Here I attach some photos of my issue:


Here are some pictures that show how much leaves are in the top part of the plant in relation to how few there are on the bottom of the plant:

This is Edema, caused by to much water. when watering to much the plant pushes the water outoff the leaves and eventually they will drop. let the soil for the pepper plant get dried properly before watering and it will produce new leaves that are healthy
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My advice would be those leaves that are really ridden with that look of disease (Edema), just cut them off the plant and toss them out. that way it will promote new healthy leaves to come through.