baccatum Suggestions for 2024 Scottish capsicum baccatum trial ?

Hi Guy's

This season I've been trialing 7 different capsicum pubescens "out side" in Scotland obviously after the last frost's. And from the this trial I've identified 2 or 3 varieties that show alot of promise 🙂

This in mind I'm toying with a Capsicum baccatum Scottish "outdoor" trial and would welcome any recommendations or suggestions 🤔 I appreciate that some may be prolific but "run out of year" before ripening with this in mind I looking for baccatum's that taste pretty good unripe.

This year I've learnt any "outdoor" trial plant's should be kept in the greenhouse until you run out of room and they HAVE to go outside this method worked very well with Ring of Fire ( capsicum annuum) that proved worth growing.


Thanks for the suggestion ..........

Currently I'm looking at Bishops crown, Nepalese Bell and Brazilian starfish.........

Remember outside in Scotland even during summer can be a challenge 😐

I not expecting all the varieties to ripen so I'm looking at harvesting "green " and still taste good 🤞

Stephen all suggestions ans recommendations welcome
I have no experience with the variety but Trepadeira Werner is said to be very good...
I don't remember Brazilian Starfish being particularly quick to mature. I remember that it matured along with the rest and that almost all peppers did so at the same time. Although if you plan to pick green, it may be an option for you.
The flavor was similar to a sweet annum pepper. The hot was too low.

I didn't find anything special about him... well, yes, he is a very good producer!!