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Summer Vacation Prep?

I'm about to take off to Italy for a few weeks and wondered if anyone has some experience with how you get your peppers ready to be neglected in the middle of summer heat?
I'm not using an automated watering system so thats out. I'm thinking a good feeding of ferts and water heavily for a few days? 
I like the topping idea. I think stripping flowers alone won't be enough, itll just shoot out more instantly. Maybe just water heavily and add a really thick layer of mulch. Combine with a shade cloth can't hurt.

Also I see some people with rigged water bottle containers to dispense water slowly.

Personally I would buy plane tickets for the peppers to come along.

My 2 cents is worth 1 cent tho so good luck.
No fertilizer! That would just make them grow faster and use (need) more water.

Are they in the ground or pots? With pots forget it, they can't last weeks. In the ground it is quite possible you can just water them thoroughly, really thoroughly, and they will be okay for a few weeks providing they have grown enough already that their roots go down a bit to where the soil retains more moisture.

Plastic ground cover for soil around the plant will slow soil surface evaporation, as would mulch to a lesser extent.

The easier thing to do is nicely ask your neighbor to water your plants while you are away. If nothing else, pay a local kid to do it but only give half the money, saying s/he gets the other half if the plants are still alive when you return.
yeah they've been in the ground a month now. As dry as its been here i think you guys are right that someone is going to need to soak them once a week at the minimum and what i should probably do is suck it up and buy a drip system on a timer.