flavor Superhot flavour profiles

Hi Guy's

I was decussing superhot chilli peppers with a friend and he was saying most are hybrids of various varieties crossed with other super hot varieties.

I was saying how I really loved the Naga/Bhut flavour profile but discovered I did not like the flavour of 7 pot Douglah !

He has similar experience with some of the modern made made superhots ..........

As we know there are now dozens of these New superhot varieties available almost daily !

Given I prefer the "Naga" flavour profile.........which superhots varieties would you suggest are similar ??

That family would be all of the Indian peppers like the Naga and Bhuts you mentioned but expand to Naga Viper, Moriches etc... and all the different bhut Jolokia crosses. I even made my own over a few years at F5 right now so I understand what you mean. Most from that region will be similar but some Indian varieties are a little different like the Jwala.
Just look for Chinense from that area or a cross that originally was(thinking about a Spanish Naga I grew once that was very similar).
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